About multiBALL | Building The Future of Sports
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Building The Future of Sports 

multiBALL transforms any smooth wall into an interactive playground. With its massive interactive touchpad area it immediately becomes the centre of attention in any room and a real magnet for both kids and adults. All age groups can benefit from the wide variety of games and intuitive menu, ensuring both fun and meaningful physical activity at every use.


Offering a convenient gateway for full body movement and expression, multiBALL can offer the best educational fun and active sports experience. With its minimalistic frame, seamless integration and ease of installation, multiBALL makes people like to make physical activity as much as they like to play videogames.


multiBALL combines fitness, entertainment and education features to transform any space in a place for a healthy and active lifestyle. German Design and Manufacturing quality for the highest quality delivered to you.

Upgrade to multiBALL, and The Fun Starts Now!

multiBALL combines fitness, entertainment and education features to transform Schools, Hotels, Leisure Centers, Sports Clubs, Malls and other environments in places for a healthy and active lifestyle.


Are You Interested?

Interactive Play Area of different heights available upon request.

Check our multiBALL Product Overview to get more details!