Become the King of the Court

“Become King of the Court” is an interactive tennis game developed on our MultiBall System. The Game is part of the activation of The NextGen Lionprogram by PEUGEOT, a tennis sponsorship initiative to support the upcoming tennis talents, and by this the tennis sport in Netherlands. After great success in 2019 the roadshow goes on in 2020.

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This year, the King of The Court activation is one of the eye-catchers during the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam from 8 to 16 February. Tennis enthusiasts will be introduced to the NextGen Lions program, with the theme ‘Beat the NextGen Lions.

Visitors are challenged by the interactive game to beat the scores of the NextGen Lions.

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King of the Court challenges your tennis skills

The game is based on our tennis training games and the challenge consists of hitting a moving target on the front wall of the MultiBall. For one minute the player must try to keep up with the skill level of his / her favorite rising tennis star. The more often the player hits the target, the better the score.

The challenge is broken down into the three main categories that form the basis for the future success for tennis talent: accuracy, tempo & consistency. These categories are used to score each individual challenger.

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If the player beats the scores of Kiki, Tallon, Robin, Tim, Botic or Ryan, they become  ‘King of The Court’ and receive a professional action photo with their achieved score and get the chance to win VIP tickets for Roland Garros.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]About MultiBall

MultiBall is the worlds first mixed reality sports gaming platform.

Using technology and gamification, we turn all forms of ball sports into a connected experience that will make anybody move.

Our easy to install sensor frame consists of a highly reliable and precise tracking system that detects all sorts of balls and players movement in real time.

Together with our Motion tracking, all applications are focused on improving athletic and cognitive skills, training hand eye coordination, and help to learn math or other subjects like geography.

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Provide your players an interactive training and fun area to improve their skills and engage kids to fall in love with tennis.

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