Beta release of our Software Development Kit for MultiBall

We are best known for our disruptive technology which transforms any squash court into an immersive and digital experience that can be used for a variety of applications, from hunting monsters to sophisticated training programs used by world ranking players.

Also with the recent launch of our MultiBall product, we made this new experience available to a multitude of other locations like schools, hotels, gyms and even retail outlets.

Our systems are based on an App-store like selection of different applications ranging from fun games for kids to complex applications developed with trainers and universities. With the latest announcement to open these platforms to the global development community, the growing number of installed systems can now also be used by anybody to create their own applications.

The next step in revolutionizing the sports world

Founder Markos Aristides Kern: We always knew from the beginning that an open platform will be the best way to push our mission to make the world more active and we’re very happy to be taking this step now. We’ve had great success since our launch and are already working with many companies and developers for custom content and new ideas.

Creating our SDK was an important step and I’m sure there will be plenty of ideas from the community that we did not even think about. After all, our technology is built to last a minimum of ten years. We want to enable operators to drive sustainable change in the way we do sports. To do so, a good eco system of applications, services and content providers is an important element.”

Developer Community invited to join our mission

MultiBall now opened the closed beta of the SDK which developers can apply via this poll and already has some hackathons planned with universities in Europe and Asia.

CTO Benjamin Piltz: “Creating these applications is a completely new approach to gaming with our bodies being the controller. Our developers had to figure out a lot of solutions for gameplay and logics, in order to make the player experience engaging and fun for a broad audience. This was a challenge but a great opportunity to further grow the new category of mixed reality sports that we created.”

Following the public launch of the SDK, the platform will also enable developers to offer paid applications and services through their marketplace.

A list of existing games and training applications is available on our games overview page.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][vc_empty_space]