Interactive Break Out Sessions with MultiBall

Corporate Health

The new and interactive way of New Work

As a company, it is important to develop its employees and offer them the space to perform well in today's fast-paced, technically changed and highly interconnected world. Everyone is talking about New Work. With MultiBall your company succeeds in being a modern employer with sports activity, teambuilding and a lot of fun.

Use MultiBall for a Fresh Mind

In everyday working life, it is important to include small break-out sessions to clear your head, to move around after sitting for a long time and to have the opportunity to withdraw from time to time. After a short active break, concentration is easier and increases effectiveness. 



Avantgarde Experts in Munich uses MultiBall on a daily basis and benefits from many other advantages:

Interactive Teambuilding

For a well-functioning company and happy motivated employees, the team is very important. With MutliBall you have your teambuilding in the middle of the office. 


  • Cross-departmental 
  • in teams or against each other
  • activation after lunch or even after work
  • Having fun as a team!

Built to Last

Designed, developed and produced in Germany with highest industry standards. We offer a 5 years warranty on our hardware components.