Please fill out the questionnaire below to apply as a MultiBall Distributor.

Distributor Q&A

In the early stages of the partnership we do not offer a partner discount until the 2nd sale. This is the only “buy-in” we ask from you since we do not charge licensing or branding fees. From there we can get into a more formal distributor agreement and discounted pricing.

From the 2nd sale on we will discuss this on a case-by-case basis.

Yes. Either the customer can install it themselves or you can offer installation as a value-add service for the customer.

No, as long as you have general hand-working knowledge anyone can install the MultiBall system on any wall by follow the installation guide steps.

No. The MultiBall system is only the integrated frame with sensors and console.

Any wall can be come an interactive sports area, so the options are nearly limitless!

No, the system is maintenance-free. From time to time it may be required to quickly dust off the light-bar sensors.

Please see our image gallery and Youtube channel. More materials will be provided after official partner agreement individually.

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