Focus on the Fun, Not the Burn.

Fitness Center & Gyms

Make your clients smile and sweat

Imagine a room full of sweating and laughing members looking around in amazement at the end of the workout because they can’t believe it’s over yet. If you also show them their distance and calories burned, they will be absolutely thrilled. What happened?

Warm Up

Usually, people start their training session with a warm-up on a treadmill, cross trainer or indoor cycling bikes. These exercises are monotonous and linear. Why don´t start with dynamic movements to warm up the whole body and even mind? Jump around and add a functional balance challenge with MultiBall.

HIT IT: Fast-Pace Ball Cardio

Push-ups, jumping jacks, mountain-climber. There are many high-intense workouts that improve cardio and endurance. Great so far. Now you can add new elements to your workouts such as hand-eye-coordination and reaction time. Use MultiBall training modules to improve performance of cognitive and physical skills at the time.

Ball Sports Player

Remember where spinning comes from and how popular it is now? You probably have a lot of tennis, soccer, basketball player in your fitness club – Don´t you? If not, this is your chance to attract them. Offer a unique training program and additional values to stand out against your competitors.

How can MultiBall help you to keep your club members motivated?

Exercise can be boring and repetitive. But it doesn’t have to be. Most people go to gym for specific goals: to burn calories, to shape their body, gain muscles, endurance training and so on. Well, you know the reasons. We also know how hard it is to keep up the motivation. By adding the fun factor and challenging aspects of gaming the workout turns into an entertainment experience, which means people do sports without even realizing it. That´s the key to success.

Watch these videos and imagine how your club members enjoy their workout.

Built to Last

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