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MultiBall is the world’s first mixed reality sports and gaming system. Using technology and gamification, we turn all forms of ball sports into a connected sports experience that will make anybody move, providing an easy and fun access to sport at all ages and skill levels.

Corporate Health

Leisure Parks

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Hardware Elements

The sensor frame consists of a highly reliable tracking system and detects all sorts of balls. The 2 mm stainless steel frame can even withstand impacts of a baseball bat.

Court Administration

As a MulitBall operator you will get access to the “Court Admin” to manage softeware and games upates, controll your system remotely, view usage analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about MultiBall installation, maintance, hardware specifications or sales and support? Find answers to these topics and more below.

How the system works

MultiBall enables you to enjoy sports fun, intuitive and without the need for any explanation or supervision.
Simply touch the wall to reach the menu and pick your favourite game or training module. The first ball on the wall starts the application.

The MultiBall hard- and software is designed for real sports and professional athletic competitions. That’s why our ball detection is highly reliable and very precise in detecting every ball in real time.  Any object larger than 5cm can be used to play, even stuffed toys work.

Made in Germany

Developed and built in Germany with the highest standard, the hardware is designed for maximum durability and full 24/7 usage. All parts are industrial grade components and the 2 mm stainless steel frame can even withstand impacts of a baseball bat.

multiball made in germany and warranty

With MultiBall any wall can be turned into an Interactive Sports Arena within 3 hours.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about MultiBall.

Is there a screen or is the image projected directly on the wall?

The image is protected on the wall, there is no screen. All you need is to pair the system with a projector. A new version for outdoor use will be available soon, which will include a full impact-proof LED wall as a display solution.

What does MultiBall consist of?

It consists of a stainless steel touch frame with sensors and a processing unit with integrated speakers. Sizes are 4.75m x 3.52m OR 4.75m by 2.75m. *custom sizes upon request.

How is MultiBall installed?

Our international distribution partners network provide you with full installation support.

In addition to it, our in-house technical team can monitor your system’s performance remotely once it is connected to the internet. In case your country is not yet covered by a distributor we will provide you direct assistance and all instructions for the installation.

PLEASE NOTE: A projector is to be bought separately on as part of a turnkey package sold by our distributors.

Do I need an active internet connection for MultiBall?

For the installation it is important that the system is online so it can be checked by our tech team remotely.

Once the system is installed it works without internet connection.

To get the latest updates and istall new games the system has to be online.

Is there a guarantee? If so, how long is it?

MultiBall is covered by a 5 years warranty.

Does the MultiBall need any periodic maintenance?

Simply wipe or vacuum the frame clean every other week to keep the sensors clear of obstructions.

Can little children play MultiBall?

Of course, children and adults of all ages and skill levels can play MultiBall.

Does MultiBall needs supervision?

No MultiBall doesn’t need supervision once the system is startet players can “work” it by themselves.

Is the cost of the software license included?

No, the system retail price does not cover the software license.

How much does a MultiBall cost?

If you are interested in receiving a quote for a MultiBall system, please get in touch with our sales team.

What is included in the price?

The sensor frame with pre-installed speakers and the installation support are included in the price.
Beamer and transport costs are not included.

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