Matériel - MultiBall
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L’ajustement parfait pour n’importe quel endroit

MultiBall est disponible en trois tailles différentes pour s’adapter parfaitement aux exigences d’espace de votre installation. Le système se compose uniquement d’un cadre en acier inoxydable qui peut être monté sur n’importe quel mur plat.


Facile à installer

L’installation d’un MultiBall est facile et ne prend que quelques heures en suivant un processus simple et étape par étape dans notre guide d’installation.

Regarde cette vidéo pour en découvrir plus:

Construit pour durer

MultiBall est conçu en mettant l’accent sur la fiabilité et la qualité. Après tout, nous sommes une startup allemande et nous savons à quel point il est extrêmement important pour nos clients de compter sur notre matériel pour fonctionner 24h/24 et 7j/7 dans toutes les conditions. C’est aussi pourquoi nous sommes heureux d’offrir une garantie standard de 5 ans sur notre matériel.

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Qualité de l’acier inoxydable

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Pièces de qualité industrielle

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Technologie propriétaire

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Projecteurs professionnels

De quoi as-tu besoin

MultiBall peut être installé sur n’importe quel mur blanc en quelques heures. Vous pouvez même le faire vous-même, demander à un électricien ou à un bricoleur local de le faire ou compter sur notre réseau mondial de partenaires en commandant la solution clé en main complète, y compris l’installation. Tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour installer une unité Multiball dans votre emplacement :


  • Un mur plat et blanc. Toute surface pouvant être peinte avec une peinture blanche mate.
  • Un minimum de 5 mètres sur 5 d’espace
  • L’électricité et une connexion internet
  • Une échelle, une perceuse électrique, quelques tournevis
  • Un projecteur, un support et un long câble HDMI (peut également être commandé avec votre pack MultiBall)

Vous avez encore des questions ?

Si vous avez encore des questions, veuillez trouver une liste plus détaillée de toutes les autres questions que vous pourriez avoir. Si vous ne trouvez toujours pas votre réponse ici, nous serions heureux de vous entendre.


Prices start as low as €5k with turnkey solutions starting at €8k + shipping

Please get in touch with the sales team. We’ll be happy to calculate your shipping and customs cost.

MultiBall systems normally ship within 48hrs upon receival of funds. Larger quantities might have a lead time of 2-6 weeks.

There are many ways to monetize MultiBall like billing clients for usage, pay per play (coin machine/card swipe) or events such as birthday parties or incentives. Our sales team will be happy to share more information on existing businesses like yours and case studies.

Let’s have a call to discuss your specific business and find the best model for you. Here are some case studies of other clients:

Any modern projector with an aspect ratio of 16:10 WUXGA and corner correction to adjust the image will work. We recommend Panasonic projectors with a minimum of 4000 lumens and we also offer projector packages including a projector mount and HDMI cable.

Sizes range from 3-5 meters width and 2.4-3.5m tall. Please find the exact dimensions here:

MultiBall does not need any supervision and is meant to run 24/7. After the onboarding process, staff can also support if need be, but it is not mandatory since the system is designed for stand-alone operation and remote control.

If you wish to purchase the projector from us, we can assist you with determining the perfect location. If you want to purchase the projector on your own, please reach out to a local AV supplier.

Remote software support is possible globally within our times of business, and can also be scheduled. Physical maintenance is minimal, as our only recommendation is to vaccuum the bottom sensors once a week and to clean projector filter twice a year.

Our technical experts will virtually check your system and troubleshoot for rootcause. If there is a minor software issue, we will fix it remotely. If there is a need for exchaging physical parts, we will ship you the replacements for free if the system is under warranty.

Please check out our system rundown video, to better understand the system: book a live demo here.

Recommened play area is a minimum of 5m by 5m.

The projector is not included, but can be purchased through us – or your local AV supplier.

LYMB One is for at home use (it is not as durable, only soft balls, not super fast detection). MultiBall is the B2B solution (stainless steel, 5 year warranty, detects super high speeds and also includes a suite of professional functions and APIs)

The updated list of all available games can always be found on our webiste or the LYMB.iO mobile app which you can download on iOS or Android.

MultiBall comes with a full 5 year warranty on all its parts.

You don’t. MultiBall is an interactive frame which can be fixed to any wall and the picture is projected with a normal projector.

Discounts starts at a miniumum order of 5 systems. This is our minimum bulk order discount.

You can hire a local contractor or we can also put you in touch with our local partner if your region is covered by our network.

Our team can always assist in emergencies. Please schedule an appointmnet to make sure a service representative is available if needed.

It is recommended in order to have the best experience, but it can also be operated without. However, it is mandatory to receive system updates, new games and live support.

Bigger groups can also play, up to 20 children is not a problem at all. The amount of players also depends on the game and MultiBall system (size).

You need to have experience in building things and using laser levels, power drills, etc.

We do not sell a wall, but a frame. The material of the wall does not matter, as long as it is straight and white.

Yes, we offer live demos from our showroom in Munich. We can arrange a meeting here.

Please check out our YouTube channel and the different playlists we have. Here’s one for Football Training

MB Pro:nPackage 1 gross weight: 58kg – 175 x 34 x 24 cm nPackage 1 net weight: 53 KgnnPackage 2 gross weight: 29kg – 175 x 34 x 24 cm nPackage 2 net weight: 25kgnnMB Club: nPackage 1 gross weight: 48 kg – 210 x 34 x 24 cmnPackage 1 net weight: 43nnPackage 2 gross weight: 29kg – 175 x 34 x 24 cmnPackage 2 net weight: 25kgnnMB Mini: nnPackage 1 gross weight: 38 kg – 210 x 34 x 24 cmnPackage 1 net weight: 33 kgnnPackage 2 gross weight: 29kg – 175 x 34 x 24 cmnPackage 2 net weight: 25kg

This includes remote service, server hosting, all new games, software maintenance, new app features, etc.

We advise to vacuum the bottom covers once a week and to clean the projetor filter twice a year.

Check our client map to find the nearest location.

Yes, we have an outdoor LED model. Here is a video of our LED MultiBall outdoors at a Tennis ATP tournament.

Yes, the LED MultiBall is our designated mobile system. Please get in contact with one of our sales rep for more information.

Video Tutorials are available but no user manual.

We only have financing in Germany and Australia.

Yes. We have created all 40+ games in-house and can therefore reskin them or create new ones from scratch.

Yes, UPS worldwide Air freight. Anywhere in the world in 5-10 days.

Please fill our or distributor questionnaire and we will be in touch.

Mainly size and price, except for the MultiBall Pro which has more sensors and is even more precise. Recommended for training facilities.

MultiBall is for everyone.

Yes, at the moment this will be with a small, additional cost. But a general feature is already planned.

You will receive 3 logins (accounts), with which you can access the MultiBall Admin and the online control room of your system. There are also some videos on our youtube channel.

Yes, you can simply dismantle the system and set it up like the first time. All parts are industry quality and it won’t hurt the system to dismantle and build it up again.

All packages leaving our production facilities are fully insured.

We assess the situation to understand what happened and if it is really damage, and then we can send a new one free of charge if under warrant. We have a 5-year warranty on all our parts.

The App allows you control the whole MultiBall and track your progress in each game while also competing on global leadership boards.

minimum 10Mb/s

Our slogan is « free motion gaming ». Therefore, we dont use any wearable or gadgets.

Similar to any subscription that is not paid, you will not have access to the functions of your system until the outstanding amount is paid.

Unfortunately not. It’s a full license to run any game on your system.

The menu is always in English, but we do have some games where languages can be selected and we are planning to have more languages in a couple of months.

Nothing is required, except a ball or something to throw at the wall. Otherwise, you have games for motion tracking alone meaning no equipment is needed but yourself.

No, this is a custom software development project.

Yes, MultiBall is fully inclusive. You can contact the sales team so they can send you some case studies.

No, this needs to be done by our team. It needs to be Mp4 and H.264 codec. Please send it to support for them to upload it to your system.

Once you have your MultiBall, we can connect you to our technical support team.

The following ports must be available: 22, 53, 80, 443, 1194, all outbound only, inbound nothing is required.

Not yet….. But the feature is already in production.

Yes, we have integrated with a partner who can called INTERCARD. Please get in touch with them to discuss your options.

Pas de bonne réponse trouvée ? Veuillez contacter le service commercial.