Our Key features 

Branded Games

With MultiBall, brands and sponsors can create custom-branded games that align with their marketing objectives and resonate with their target audience. Whether it's a branded version of a classic game or a unique interactive experience tailored to showcase specific products or services, branded games offer a fun and memorable way for attendees to interact with the brand.

Our key Features 

Interactive Advertisements

Say goodbye to traditional advertisements and hello to interactive experiences! MultiBall allows brands to seamlessly integrate their messaging into the gameplay experience, offering a non-intrusive and engaging way to connect with attendees. Whether it's through branded banners, interactive pop-ups, or sponsored challenges, interactive advertisements capture attention and drive brand recall.

Our Key Features

Immersive Brand Experiences

MultiBall goes beyond traditional advertising methods to offer immersive brand experiences that engage all the senses. From captivating visuals and interactive sound effects to gamified challenges and rewards, MultiBall creates a multisensory experience that immerses attendees in the brand story and fosters emotional connections. With MultiBall, brands can leave a lasting impression and build meaningful relationships with their audience.

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Have you already an event in planning or would like to host an event and are still looking for an activation opportunity, lead generation, sponsor involvement, etc.? Then contact our event team and get an individual concept.

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Built to Last

  • 5 years warranty

    Our systems are designed to take a beating and withstand  24/7 use.
  • Made in Germany

    Designed, developed and produced in Germany with industrial grade components. 
  • Money back guarantee

    You are always entitled to return your system if it does not meet your needs. 

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