MultiBall Club

Dimensions (LxHxD): 409 x 285 x 14 cm (161 x 112 x 5.5 in)
Play Area: 460 x 460 cm (181 x 181 in)
Weight: 68kg
Power: 110V / 220V / 230V

Interactive Sports and Gaming System: Processing console, motion tracking, sound system, high-resolution ball/touch sensor frame, stainless steel housing, Made in Germany, 5-year warranty, subscription required for updates, operation and service. It is a projector based system. An additional projector is required for image transmission.

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Construit pour durer

  • 5 years warranty

    Our systems are designed to take a beating and withstand  24/7 use.
  • Fabriqué en Allemagne

    Conçu, développé et produit en Allemagne avec des composants de qualité industrielle.
  • Money back guarantee

    You are always entitled to return your system if it does not meet your needs. 

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