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Offer Amazing Experiences in your Hotel

Hotel guests now expect an extraordinary experience across all touch points and  kids areas and gyms are the next frontier for exceeding those expectations. Our interactive MultiBall platform helps hotels to distinguish their  offering with an unparalleled play and workout experience.

Our mix of addictive gaming based on physical activity not only offers great entertainment and fun. It also offers direct health benefits and a great feeling about providing a full body workout to your guests – especially for parents when their kids spend hours with active fun.

Kids fun for hours – no supervision needed

MultiBall runs completely without the need of any supervision or staff. Simply configure your system to match your target audience and your daily operations in our MultiBall Admin and watch everybody having fun without the need for any additional staff. MultiBall is easy to use for everybody using the touch menu and you can even use only foam balls to avoid any injuries when working with all kids.

Have a look how the famous Kids Hotel Family Resort Alpenrose uses our MultiBall to make kids burn calories for hours without the need of any supervision or staff.

Interactive family quality time in your Hotel

Create unforgettable moments for the whole family in your hotel with our mix of physical activity based on fun gaming. With our selection of apps, any age group can play and train for hours and always find new games and challenges. Parents love our system since they see there kids doing what they like most while they have the great feeling of giving them an intensive workout.

The one phrase you’ll hear the most by kids: Just one more round please!

This is how Holiday Resort Unity & Brean in the UK uses MultiBall to keep large groups of kids active while they are having fun.

Stand out with Amazing Events

Hotels should be about fun. MultiBall comes with more than 40 preinstalled gaming and fitness applications for all ages and skill levels. The games are super fun while improving strength, endurance, flexibility, and motor skills. High-precision motion tracking technology provides an instant feedback allowing you to have fun and train effectively and safely for long periods of time while focusing only on the fun.

Main Event Lewisville uses our MultiBall LED system in their facilities in a pay for play model and for booking birthday parties and other events.

Learn more about MultiBall in a product demo

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Designed, developed and produced in Germany with highest industry standards. We offer a 5 years warranty on our hardware components.