How MultiBall attracts new clients and increase customer retention in FEC´s

When  FEC operators have to decide what type of attraction to add to their facility or new fun center, they have to consider a number of things such as throughput, audience or spectator value. In this blogpost we want to walk you through these basics and share the feedback from our clients and highlight some of the main reasons why they choose to install MultiBall in their leisure activity centers.

The most important aspect is how many people can you get through the attraction per hour because this directly relates to total revenue. The more people use your attraction, the more efficient is the occupied space.

For example, MultiBall requires a play area in front of the system of 9 – 25 sqm (depends on the size of the system). The playtime of our games varies from 2 min – 10 min. Lets´s say we play Ocean. 30 kids/h (10 at a time) // We took PayperPlay with half that amount (=15kids x 10h Operating x 10$ per Play = 1500$ in ONE DAY).

Big Audience – 30+ games for all ages and skills levels.

MultiBall has a wide range of games for any skill level for maximum entertainment and good exercise. So, whether you have 10 kids at an age of 8 years, a bachelor party with adults or a family – MultiBall offers a fun solution for all generations. Parents can play with their kids, friends can compete in team games and challenge each other in local high scores. Further, the gameplay has a low barrier to entry, enjoyed by all demographics.

Another consideration is whether or not players get a different experience each time they play, because you want them to come back and play again. With 33 different games and levels and options available, your customers will have a new experience every time they play. New games will be developed continuously.

A great attraction will draw players, as well as spectators. The colorful visual effects, funny sounds and fast gameplay is an eyecatcher for everyone around. There will be a crowd of spectators while only two players are using the MultiBall. Why? Because it´s new and innovative. It´s even a lot of fun just to watch the people play, laughing and having a good time.

The immersive gameplay and motivating applications will make your customers want to play again and again and most importantly ensure their return.

About MultiBall

MultiBall is a mixed reality sports & gaming platform built for the interaction between physical activity and digital games.

The challenge for our society nowadays is to make physical activity fun enough to help people, in particular the youngster generation, adapt to a more healthy lifestyle. Our core vision is to innovate the sports world and to give it the cool-factor it deserves, in order to provide an effective solution. Sports and Tech combined with Gamification is the key, and our products demonstrate the power of the fun factor in the equation.

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