Interactive Wall Technology for Every Space | multiBALL
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Interactive Wall Technology for Every Space

Interactive Wall Technology for Every Space

We are thrilled to bring you the news of our new product launch, the multiBALL, that shares the DNA of other successful release by the German Sports-Tech company FWB on their trail to generate ever more unique and fun experiences. 

Many have asked us for another immersive system that could transform any wall in an interactive playground and bring lots of fun to their facilities at a lower price-point. That is exactly what we have achieved with multiBALL; instead of having a system on the Squash Court, you can choose any other area for your clients to play multiple interactive games with or without racquets.

multiBALL achieves several goals for the Hospitality industry at once as its creators understood the huge market opportunity for an immersive gaming system that could transform any wall in an interactive playground and bring Sports & Entertainment to different facilities at a competitive price-point.

Fitting standard budgets of both independent Hotels and major Chains a rapid expansion of this gaming technology is expected on the segment.

multiBALL’s unique combination of fitness, entertainment and educational features are helping to create places for a healthy and active life-style. The system optimises already existing infra-structures and pleases guests by offering innovative and bespoke experiences that will certainly create positive and lasting memories.

Operators can benefit from this new bespoke attraction features such as: 24/7 use capability, no user-supervision requirements and no extra construction needed, while demanding minimal maintenance.

This much anticipated solution is ready to give your property a new highlight,  is simple to set-up and your can use your own projector.

The multiBALL system also allows for the development of tailored games that fit the unique requirements of your audience, including the possibility of offering branded content.

International Sales Manager, Gustavo Ayres Netto: 

“It is time to imagine walls being transformed in interactive playgrounds to allow people to be immersed in games that are played in real life, with real balls, racquets and sweat!”

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