Get ready for an interactive fitness workout - MultiBall
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Get ready for an interactive fitness workout

Sports Scientist and MultiBall Fitness Coach know exactly how hard it is to keep the motivation high, when your workout starts to hurt.  There’s plenty of options to incorporate the MultiBall within our fitness routine and even have fun.

The exercise we present you today is especially interesting for athletes that often have to use stop and go motions and need a certain strength endurance. With the side steps combined with the throwing of the medicine ball against moving targets we can train our explosive force development, our push strength and neuronal factors like coordination and reaction times which are very important in most sports.

Important is that you keep your center of gravity low and your core engaged throughout the throwing motion, so we can maintain a stable posture while executing dynamic movements. Try to stay within the same distance from the multiball system while moving from side to side and breath out while throwing the ball.

The medicine ball used in this video weighs 3kg, when choosing the weight remember that the quality of the repetitions is more important than the quantity (in this case the weight)

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team to learn more about how to create effective workouts with a smile on your face.