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Welcome to MultiBall, the original interactive mixed reality gaming system.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about MulitBall and our special care free package.

*Prices starting as low as 6.990€ / 5.990£ and we also offer a full package at 10.990€ / 9.499 £ (including 6500 lumens quality brand projector, housing, cables and one day installation)

 MultiBall has a new feature: Motion Tracking

We developed a new feature for our MultiBall platform. Soon motion tracking will be availble on our system. The camera on our MultiBall tracks the player movement and provides a new game and training experience.

 New generation of an advanced MultiBall System

MultiBall IOS & Android app 

We developed an app for MultiBall which enables player to analyze their results and compete on national and international leaderboards

Smart stainless steel sensor frame

The new generation of our MultiBall has an unbreakable stainless steel frame and console in new design. The frame is build for maximal durability and even withstands the hit of an baseball bat

5 Year Warranty

Developed, produced and build in Germany with highest industry standards we offer a 5 years warranty on our hardware components.

multiball made in germany and warranty

Full online control of your MultiBall system

The ‘Court Admin’ is an online tool that gives court owners and operators full control over their MultiBall system at all times like game seletion, system preferences, update management.

MultiBall Software Development Kit (SDK)

The release of the SDK  is the next step in revolutionizing the sports world. Hereby we want to open our platforms to the coding community in order to create a new category of sustainable development ecosystem and develop game applications based on our systems.

*Dear UK partners and clients. As you may noticed recently a MultiBall copycat was brought to market by one of our former partner. We strongly believe that all disruptive innovations need to be based on sustainable and quality development to make a real change in society instead of being a quick business leveraging years of work of someone else.

We also believe that clients today are well informed ennough to research and compare products and we thank all our partners and clients for reaching out to us when certain lines of normal competition are crossed.  Feel free to compare 😉