Be in Control of Active Fun

Control your MultiBall system with the MultiBall Admin and adjust it exactly to your location and customers. Profit from the personal benefits and make the system your own.

Daily operations made easy No supervision needed

Your MultiBall Admin page is your operational backbone to run your system with ease and efficiency.

Once you log in, you can set your visual appearance and menu, select games and update your hardware to the newest version. A very important part for your business is the detailed analytic tool where you can analyze usage time and preferences of your clients to make their time at your falsity even better.


The MultiBall Admin is also your quick fixing tool. Use the Health page to see exactly what the status of your MultiBall system is and what changes you need to make to use it perfectly.

The URL of the MultiBall Admin is and we recommend to bookmark this for easier access. When you received your system, you also received a login for to administer this system. If you haven’t logged in to the admin page for your system yet, please register and reach out to our team to set you as the admin to control your system.

Video Tutorials

To get started with the MultiBall Admin, please watch these videos. More videos about the usage of each tool can be found in this Youtube Playlist.