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MultiBall Home


Say “Hello” to your private interactive sports arena

We are happy to announce our new MultiBall Home Edition. MultiBall is the world’s first mixed reality sports and gaming system. When we started with fitness center, sports clubs and schools who are using MultiBall, we never dreamed of creating such a great movement.

We started with a simple vision – to get people active by providing an easy and fun access to sport. We didn´t expect the amazing feedback and even requests to install our system in a private place. Well but here we are.

You never heard about our system? Well, this is MultiBall in a nutshell:

The System consists of stainless steel sensor frame and motion tracking.

The tracking system detects all sorts of balls and players movement in real time.

MultiBall comes with 25 educational, entertainment and exercise games.

All you need is a wall

To install our system you just need a wall where you mount the sensor frame. Additonal the system requires a beamer to display the games. We offer a package which includes a beamer our you easily use your beamer at home.

No motivation for sports on friday nights? Alright, You can even use the MultiBall as your private home cinema theater.

Educate. Enterain. Exercise.

Your next workout has never been closer. And you can even use your own shower at home.

Invite your friends to your private sport and exercise studio. Watch soccer games on a huge screen and challenge each other in the half time break.

Your neighbors usually invite you to play boring board games? Now it is your turn. Show them how real fun looks like.

Having a guilty conscience after your last BBQ? No worries, now you can easily burn your calories with an exciting MultiBall workout.

Do your kids want to play computer games? This will be the first time you don´t want your kids to stop playing games.

MultiBall Home Size (width x height in mm): 3290 x 2345

5 Years Warranty

Developed, produced and build in Germany with highest industry standards we offer a 5 years warranty on our hardware components.

multiball made in germany and warranty

Order your MultiBall Home
4790 €

Get in touch with us to order your new home sports and entertainment system.