MultiBall Installation made Easy

Time to Build

New technology sure is nice, especially when it creates as much fun as MultiBall. But we also know that sometimes new tech can get quite complicated to implement. This is why we’ve paid extra attention to make MultiBall not only extremely reliable and long lasting, but also easy to implement in your facility.

MultiBall can be installed ion any white wall within a few hours. You can even do it yourself, ask a local electrician or handyman to do it or rely on our global partner network by ordering the full turnkey solution including installation.

All you need to install a Multiball unit in your location:

  • A flat, white wall. Any surface that can be painted with matte, white paint work.
  • A minimum of 5 by 5 meters of space
  • Electricity and an internet connection
  • A ladder, a power drill, a few screwdrivers
  • A projector, a mount, and a long HDMI Cable (can also be ordered with your MultiBall package)

Once you have all this you’re ready to have some fun building up your system.

Here’s a quick Youtube video from our channel to show you how this is done.

Find out more about the MultiBall Admin here.