Flexibility in all settings

Our MultiBall LED is the most versatile and flexible solution of our product line. Equipped with quality, high resolution LED that can withstand impacts of up to 300 km/h it offers unmatched interactive fun wherever you want.

MultiBall LED comes in an indoor and an outdoor version and can be set up in less than three hours.

No walls, no limits – just fun!

With our sophisticated system, easy setup and operation and a brightness that can even be used with full sunshine, or LED systems offer unmatched fun for a variety of applications. Professional training, active entertainment, event services or exciting activation campaigns for brands, theres no limit for your creativity Interactive gaming and sports has never been this easy to implement.


Have a look at our recent rooftop pop-up at Allianz Arena Munich.

Anywhere, anytime, for any client or brand

Being able to easily set up an interactive wall creates a lot of freedom to move people. Running on our successful MultiBall Admin for operators, the system can also easily be adapted to any look, client with changeable logos, advances analytics, leaderboards and APIs to integrate. This makes the LED system even more versatile and a great asset in any activation campaign, especially with our sponsorship functionality or when creating custom games for clients.


This is how Asics uses the MultiBall platform to create exiting challenges, drive retail footfall and revenue and have customers complete for discounts using physical activity and Padel skills.

A full overview and case study of the project can be found here.

Upgrade your event experience

Events always move people and it is time to take this to the next level. Our LED systems have already seen some fantastic events around the globe and always guarantee long queues and amazing experiences for up to 200 players per hour and many more watching the show. With our event modules, CRM integrations and a variety of games and applications to use and adapt, the MultiBall platform is the perfect tool for your event needs.


Main Event Lewisville uses our MultiBall LED sin a fully customized setup including API integration into their payment portal and CRM in a pay for play model and for booking birthday parties and other events.

A big TV for interactive fun

You can also think of the LED system as a gigantic, fully interactive TV. With a high resolution of 3,9mm pixel pitch, the system can also be used for a variety of other uses to maximize value in your setting. The whole screen can easily be switched to display presentations, live viewing of sports events or other uses.


Here’s an example how Sky uses our LED system in their TV show to create exciting challenges with sports athletes.

Set it up, take it down, repeat

Just like all MultiBall products, our LED is made with the highest quality standards and focused on ease of use to create the biggest value possible for our clients. All systems can be ordered to arrive in event flight cases and setting it up is as easy as any other event equipment.


Here’s a quick video of our recent setup for a one day event at Soccerworld Munich. Setup took about two hours in the morning and all was gone again in the evening.

Learn more about MultiBall in a product demo

MultiBall 3rd Gen

Technical specifications LED screen

409 x 295 x 122 cm 40 impact proof outdoor LED panels (50 x 50 cm) 3.9 mm pixel pitch @ 4000 cd/m
1024x 640px resolution 500 x 500 cm recommended play area

7.4 kg/panel


NovaStar (input can be switched)

2800 W av. consumption, 8000 W maximum
220 V – 4 outlets with 16 A fuse
110 V – 5 outlets with 20 A fuse

720kg + flight cases (optional)

Optional configurations:
- Stand alone mounting structure
- Wall mount
- Permanent outdoor configuration including heating
- Flight cases

To find out more about our hardware packages, turnkey solutions and installation options please see our hardware overview. We offer full installation service through our global partner network.

Built to Last

Designed, developed and produced in Germany with highest industry standards. We offer a 5 years warranty on our hardware components.