multiBALL opening at ESV München Freimann! | multiBALL
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multiBALL opening at ESV München Freimann!

How to Disrupt and Radically change the environment of a long stablished Sports Club? Check out the multiBALL opening at ESV München Freimann!


In September 2018 we celebrated at ESV München Freimann (GER) the inauguration of a new multiBALL installation, bringing the 80 years old Club to the Sports Gamification Age.

Converting one of the most traditional Clubs in Munich to a new reference in technology on the field of ball games is a feat accomplished with multiBALL. Now the players of football, handball, tennis and many other sports and enjoy the multiple Gaming & Training modules available and also test themselves against the constantly newly released features.

Equipped with advanced sensors, multiBALL encompasses any smooth wall transforming it on an interactive playground.



The launch event in Freimann was a success: people from all ages and with different skills enjoyed their first try with system. In one of the most relevant opening in the field of Sports and Innovation in Munich, one of the popular impressions from the public was that “it brings loads of fun and keeps users active while they learn and improve their skills.”

The scope is broad as multiBALL offers options from games to be enjoyed by kids at development ages to target practices for improving accuracy and reaction time of the more advanced players. Another key element for all involved on the gamification revolution is the possibility for coaches and athletes to actively contribute to the content creation for the future games to be available on the platform. We are already receiving ideas and incorporating them on our development plans!

All kids were very excited and wanted to play with all games, confirming that the system is a real magnet for their attention. Being easy and instinctive to use & navigate between modules with a simple touch on the wall, plus the colourful graphics, sounds and movements the result is an experience that is super engaging and will have them doing plenty of exercises without even noticing.



ESV München Freimann definitely started a new era in ball sports, pleasing its current members and attractive new ones with the highlight of a new activity that will help to guarantee their Club’s success on the years to come. By embracing innovation and contributing to the future of sports, this facility in Freimann is set for the next generation to keep enjoying their spaces.

 The Fun Already Started in Munich, how about your city now?