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Grutzi – Amplify your game with MultiBall

We are happy to say that another soccer and tennis training center adapted our MultiBall Platform to hone cognitive and physical skills. 

What is Grutzi-based Cognitive Sports Training and why is this so vital to the development of your student athlete?

Grutzi-based Cognitive sports training (CST) uses a broad range of complex, multi-task-based drills. The goal of these drills is to expand your athletic ability to think, focus, look, concentrate and multi-task simultaneously. By working on these core and elite tasks and exercises, your athletic performance level will be catapulted and excelled to new heights and your ability to learn new skills exponentially increases as well. CST has been demonstrated to show large improvements in cognitive capabilities, attention capacity, short and long term memory and problem solving skills.

Cognitive sports training doesn’t stop there. Along with the vast improvements in your athletic abilities, Grutzi-based CST works on your psychological toughness as well. Every athlete, from beginner to professional, has to deal with issues such as performance anxiety, stress and self-confidence. Grutzi-based CST training employs a wide variety of mental tasks that focus on building up the positive psychological factors like self-confidence, motivation, and mental toughness, while teaching them how to handle the ones that can inhibit performance like pre-competition anxiety, stress and self-doubt.

Grutzi understands how vital the combination of both mental and psychological skills is to the development of today’s athletes. Grutzi-based CST provides that unique training which will give any athlete the edge needed to reach beyond the competition and achieve their goals.

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