Soccer Training For Kids

Get ready for the kick off into the interactive soccer training

Integrate MulitBall into the daily training routine. Using gamification, visual effects and real-time feedback MultiBall increases the training stimulus and produces measurable results for analytics.

Benefits for Physical Abilities

To reach your full potential and achieve success MultiBall tests and trains players on reaction-time, field-awareness, precision and it all comes in the form of controlling the ball and making the right pass with perfect timing.


  • Fast reaction and first touch
  • Improved off-ball movement
  • Better and more accurate passing
  • Improved positioning and communication
  • Combination Cardio and Technical Training

Benefits for Cognitive Skills

Training sessions are designed to stress and challenge the athlete’s brain, developing skills such as situational awareness, working memory, task switching, peripheral attention, and ultimately, decision making under pressure.


  • Improved decision-making under pressure
  • Sharpened focus and improved situational awareness
  • Increased anticipation and faster reaction time
  • Better divided attention and working memory
  • Educational content

School Cooperation

Enlive your court in times of less use, such as early morning and create awareness and reputation.


Invite schools to do their physical education on your court. Children love to play and will enthusiastically tell their parents about this exciting adventure. Fun games for groups up to 10 kids as well as educational games (math, geography, memory) will keep children busy and help to develop cognitive and physical skills while playing digital games with colorful visual and funny audio effects.

Kids B-Day Parties

Turn your court into a digital playground and provide children and their parents a joyful afternoon.


Parents are always looking for meaningful activities for their kids and friends to celebrate b-day parties. In addition to the occupancy of the court, your catering area will benefit from the hospitality of the guests. Keep in mind that these children may become your future squash players and they will never forget their first lesson on a digital court, your interactiveSQUASH court.

Match Day Live Stream

Gather your community on match days and strengthen your customer loyalty and relationship.


Use the high-quality projector and sound system to stream live sports events on a huge screen.. Public viewing on your court and means full house in your snack bar. Stream and share league matches and tournaments on your court to the internet to reach more fans, create more awareness and make your court attractive to sponsors.


Make your courts more profitable and generate additional income with almost no efforts.


Your interactiveSQUASH court provides flexible branding opportunities, easy to change and modify with a few clicks. Play image and promotional videos on your front wall when the court is not in use. Add logo placements to the premium spot in the menu section. Offer your sponsor interactive in-game solutions with customised content.