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MultiBall systems offer amazing experiences in a variety of settings. So it’s only natural to also use the wow factor our products create for impressive sponsor and brand activations. Providing an amazing experience that is highly visual, positive creates great viral content, provides a great tool to sponsors, especially with the high stickiness of gamification, challenges and prizes.


All MultiBall systems can be easily branded by adding logos, backgrounds and many of our most successful games can be reskinned to the look and feel of any client. Brands can also create complete new, custom games to perfectly fit their campaign or objective to build meaningful presence in any sports clubs or create their own event formats based on specific sports or simply people having fun.


Here’s an example how Peugeot used the biggest Dutch tennis tournament for an exiting tennis challenge using MultiBall to become the New Gen Lions King of the Court.


Gamification is an extremely powerful driver when it comes to intrinsic motivation. One thing we hear the most is the typical “Okay, wait! Only ONE more round!” and it shows when it comes to usage numbers and the crowds building wherever we are. Leaderboards, highscores and timers running out can all be used to make any experience even more fun and sticky and many brands can benefit greatly when using this in a meaningful way.


When Asics held a two week campaign in Barcelona, store visits almost doubled, in store revenue had a 20% plus and more than 30% of discount vouchers that could be won by playing padel were redeemed.


With our platform features and APIs, any event activation can be fully integrated in terms of data, achievements and highlights. You can choose from a complete offline mode of just having fun with the wall to a fully integrated real-time leaderboard on your website or even app integrations. With these your customers can track challenges, win vouchers, get updates and see their name rank in the global leaderboards for the big prize. We also offer an Ipad integration for somi-automated logins at events. 


With three years running, the MultiBall LED Wall at the BMW open in Munich has become a landmark for anybody visiting the event, including some folks even preparing up front to score high in the games and challenges.


Literally… Timing and the logic of your game is the main factor defying the ROI of brand activations. We’ve had some great success in this field and our team has built up a lot of experience on how to generate the best value by collection as many eyeballs, footfall and online presence as possible. Short rounds, high pressure and visually appealing content are just a few of the tricks our team is happy to provide and with up to 120 players on the wall per hour traction is easy to obtain.