MultiBall | Wolffkran open / The crane game
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Wolffkran open / The crane game

Project Name
Wolffkran open / The crane game

16 Jan 2020

Expo, Fan activation

About this Project

I never thought a game with cranes could be so much fun – and I even improved my backhand!

Luisa, 17

About this Project

The annual indoor ATP tournament, Wolffkran Open in Ismaning features a who’s who of international tennis stars every year. In order to activate and boost engagement under the attending fans, we created a custom game with the main sponsor, Wolffkran.

Wolffkran happens to be one of globes biggest manufacturers of cranes, so we decided to incorporate that into a tennis themed game. Always up for a challenge, we managed to pull of the impossible and create an out of this world experience AND showcase the product at the same time.

What we created is a game combining the building aspect of cranes and the precision of tennis. Contestants have to build a structure using buildings blocks and shipping containers that will stand on itself. Our in-game physics engine made sure that if it was to wobbly, it would come tumbling down. The player with the highest stable structure was crowned the winner of the “Crane Game Challenge”!

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