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Pay 2 Play 

Pay 2 Play feature enhances the MultiBall system by offering a user-friendly and automated method for customers to enjoy interactive gaming experiences. This is ideal for sports facilities, entertainment centers, and public venues looking to automate their operations without any need for additional staff.
This integration provides convenient self-service options and automates the booking process by giving customers control over their playtime. This can be achieved with card readers, coin machines, or by directly connecting the MultiBall system with your existing payment hardware via a simple cable. 

Once set up, our MultiBall Admin extension allows you to automate all Pay 2 Play functionality such as: 

1. Starting the system in locked mode, displaying your screensaver video and message.
2. Automatically unlocking the system after payment to start playing. 
3. Topping up credits for additional play time while playing. 
4. Locking the system once paid time has run out. 

Pay 2 Play is an additional subscription service for professional clients, additional rates and setup costs apply. 

Automated Customer Interaction

Pay 2 Play empowers customers to independently initiate their gaming sessions, activate the system via self-service activation methods such as swiping a card or inserting coins, and seamlessly add extra playtime as required.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Pay 2 Play feature offers intuitive interfaces and real-time feedback, including in-session information such as displaying remaining time and interactive prompts, as well as providing flexibility with options to pause and extend playtime.

Immersive Brand Experiences

Pay 2 Play feature allows for customizable videos, logos, texts, and backgrounds, enabling businesses to tailor the gaming experience to their brand identity and target audience preferences.