Interface de Programação de Aplicações (API)

utilizar o multiball através do seu próprio sítio Web/aplicação

Interface de programação de aplicações (API)

Unlock our intuitive Application Programming Interdace (API), designed to seamlessly integrate your organisation's website or app with the MultiBall system. With three key functions

1. Unlocking/locking the system
2. Starting/stopping games
3. Accessing statistics

the possibilities are endless. Whether you're looking to streamline bookings for your MultiBall system, or create a custom leaderboard to showcase on your app, our API empowers you to do it all. Simply enlist the expertise of a programmer to implement the API into your platform. 

The CourtAdmin API is built on HTTP. Our API is RESTful. It has predictable resource URLs. It returns HTTP response codes to indicate errors and accepts and returns JSON in the HTTP body. You can use your favorite HTTP/REST library for your programming language to use CourtAdmin's API, or you can request for one of our SDKs.

The process is straightforward: express your interest via email, pay a nominal fee for API access, and collaborate with your programmer to bring your vision to life. That's it—unlock the door to a world of possibilities with MultiBall's API.