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The future of SportsTech


multiBALL is the new technology that transforms any wall in an interactive sport experience. It works with every kind of ball and everywhere.

Be part of an active future!

Fun and easy to integrate

Every Time

multiBALL rigid hardware features a hard-body aluminium frame impact-test shockproof, which means it guarantees you absolute resistance and security for a 24/7 use.
multiBALL combines fitness, entertainment and education features to transform Schools, Hotels, Leisure Centers, Sport Clubs, Malls etc. in places for a healthy and active lifestyle.


From Every Age

All age-groups can benefit from the wide variety of games and intuitive menu ensuring both fun and physical activity at every use for both kids and adults.
multiBALL detects any kind of ball larger than 5cm of diameter, and could involve any kind of sport with a ball, in particular Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, Handball, Baseball just to name a few.

For any kind of ball

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