MulitBall console

The MultiBall console holds all electric components and can withstand any ball impact. 


The MultiBall frame is made of impact-resistant stainless stell and covers the sensors. 

playing field

The playing field for a MultiBall varies depending on your sport or activity. Normally, the area of your MultiBall system flipped on the floor is a good minimum. Marking a playing field on the floor is not needed, but can create a nice look. 


MulitBall works with any projector. We recommend using HD laser projectors, mounted on the ceiling with an optional protective case if you are using heavy balls. 

the wall

MultiBall works on any flat wall or surface. Most of our clients simply paint a wall white when they install a system. 

any ball

MultiBall can detect any ball larger than 2,5cm or objects independent of shape, color or material. 

sensor grid

Multiball detects objects larger than 2,5cm at speeds up to 250km/h using proprietary 40ms detection technology.


MultiBall comes with integrated speakers to ensure your games can be enjoyed to the max. 


MultiBall can be played with as many people as you like. For motion tracking games, two players are recommended for best performance. 

motion tracking

MultiBall also tracks players's positions, speed and logs the distance traveled during your session. Many games involve this and even some normal games use it in the background to determine numbers of players or prevent cheating in the leaderborads. 

Advanced Precision for Interactive Sports and Gaming

Technology for the Win 

Our vision for MultiBall has always been clear: a new form of physical gaming requires very powerful technology to be both fun and reliable. This is why we created a completely new ball adn touch detection system that transforms any screen up to 10 x 10 meters into a touchpad capable of detecting fast-moving objects. Together with tracking body motion and using powerful projectors or LED screens, this technology creates a completely new combination of digital interaction and physical activity.

Ballfinder® Proprietary Operating System

Precision Engineered for Excellence

At the heart of MultiBall is our proprietary operating system, Ballfinder®. This proprietary operating system is not just another piece added to the puzzle; it's designed from the ground up to ensure superior performance and stability for our interactive sports wall, making MultiBall a seamlessly integrated and purpose-built solution.


The most Advanced ball detection possible

Detect Everything - All the Time.

Our sensor system is engineered from the ground up to achieve a 100% detection rate for any ball or object interacting with the wall. Unlike camera-based tracking systems, our technology ensures rapid detection and processes inputs within 40 milliseconds. This responseof any speed, provides a seamless gaming experience that matches the speed of human perception. With the creation of our own infrared sensors, MulitBall is also able to be used outdoors or in bright environments. 

Materials Made to resist the hardest force

Hardware You Can Rely on for Years 

Every component of the MultiBall system is thoughtfully engineered for maximum durability. From the robust stainless steel frame designed to withstand any impact, to the semiconductors and electrical components that meet the highest industry standards. Our systems are built for continuous, 24/7 operation in professional settings. This ensures an exceptionally long product lifespan, which we proudly underline with our 5-year warranty. 

Proudly Built in Bavaria

Designed and Made in Bavaria

As a German startup, we take great pride in maintaining nearly our entire supply chain within 200 kilometers of our Munich production facility—excluding only semiconductors and projectors. This proximity underscores our commitment to sustainability and ensures efficiency for our ongoing research and future product updates.