Harness the Full Power of MultiBall with Our Advanced Admin Console

Welcome to the command center of your MultiBall system. Discover how the MultiBall Admin not only simplifies operations but also transforms your business's interactive experiences. From operational controls to customization and comprehensive analytics, every tool you need is at your fingertips. 

Start by registering your system on our Admin Console. Input your location, contact details, and other relevant information to appear on our interactive client map and mobile apps, enhancing visibility and accessibility for potential customers.

Empower your team for excellence 

Effortless Management with Remote Capabilities

Use the MultiBall Admin page to manage your system directly from any web browser. Customize your interface, select games, and update your system with the latest features. The admin page not only simplifies daily operations but also provides detailed analytics to understand client behaviors and preferences better. This data helps improve client satisfaction by aligning the gaming experience with their interests. Access and control your setup remotely, ensuring smooth operation and consistent updates.

Easy customization to empower your ideas

Tailor Your Experience: Customization at Your Fingertips

Customize game menus, idle times, screensavers, and more to align with your branding. Use our custom asset flipper interface to modify existing games with your graphics, creating personalized experiences for any event, season, or audience. Additionally, integrate booking systems seamlessly with our API to streamline operations and enhance user engagement.

System Health and Maintenance Monitoring

Maintain Peak Performance and Secure Support

Stay ahead with the MultiBall Admin health page, designed to ensure your system operates flawlessly. This feature monitors the system's status in real time, alerting you to any maintenance needs or sensor blockages, enabling quick resolutions. Should issues arise, the same page allows you to submit support tickets directly. This integrated approach not only minimizes downtime but also enhances our ability to respond swiftly and effectively, maintaining the reliability that your business depends on.

Future-Proof Your System

Continuous Enhancement and Exciting Updates

Keep your system at the cutting edge with the MultiBall Admin’s update management. Regular updates not only ensure your system runs smoothly but also expand its capabilities and features over time. Each update brings new games and enhancements that keep your setup engaging and modern, ensuring it remains a compelling draw for users year after year. This proactive approach to system maintenance and feature enhancement helps you safeguard your investment and maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market.
Tip: Bookmark the MultiBall Admin Page for seamless management. Received your system? Register to activate your admin rights and start optimizing your operations today.

Video tutorials

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