custom games

Asset Flip Interface

With our Asset Flip Interface, you can seamlessly customize your applications with your own pictures, logos, and colors. 

In order to customize a game, you will be provided with the original assets. You then change these graphics, maintaining their specifications and naming according to the guideline. We will then implement your custom graphics into your game. To review the new version, the game will be accessible on your system. The game logic and the game flow can not be influenced. Only the elements defined in the guideline can be changed. The customization options differ from game to game. Please review the guidelines for details about each game and how it can be customized.

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Personalised Imagery

Inject personality into applications by replacing default images and characters with your own. Whether it's photos of your organisation, your products, or your events, make interacting with applications uniquely yours.

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Branded Logos

Strengthen your brand identity by incorporating your company's logo into the applications. With every interaction, reinforce your brand's presence and leave a lasting impression.

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Custom Colors

Harmonize your applications with your brand's color palette. Choose from a spectrum of hues to ensure consistency across all your digital assets.