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Amplify Impact with Our LED Solutions

Create new event experiences with MultiBall, specifically engineered for dynamic branding activations. Our systems are designed for quick setup, transforming any venue into an engaging, interactive experience. Ideal for event agencies aiming to create unforgettable campaigns, our LED systems capture attention and leave a lasting impac, ensuring every guest interaction is not only memorable but also promotes active, healthy living. 

Transform Brand Activations with DynamicTechnology

Create Custom, Memorable Brand Experiences

Enhance your brand activations with MultiBall’s LED systems, where digital meets physical in the most engaging way. Fully customizable interfaces allow you to tailor content and visuals to embody your brand, making every interaction unique. Perfect for advertising companies and technical event providers, our systems not only grab attention but also drive interaction, ensuring your brand resonates long after the event concludes.

Enhance Events with High-Impact LED Systems

Create Memorable Experiences with Interactive Displays

Enhance your event capabilities with MultiBall’s LED systems, which provide not only stunning visual appeal but also a strong platform for adding value to your offerings. These systems attract significant attention, allowing event organizers and AV providers to enrich their portfolio and create memorable experiences that stand out. The high engagement and unique interactive features of our systems naturally lead to a sustainable and advantageous business model, subtly increasing your operational value and client satisfaction.

Compelling Campaigns that Move

Turn Engagement into Virality with Our LED Systems

In today’s digital world, content is key. MultiBall’s interactive LED systems offer an ideal platform for brands to create captivating, shareable content that resonates. Our displays are more than visually stunning; they're engines for crafting engaging experiences that audiences love to share. With a track record of ads garnering millions of views, MultiBall empowers your brand to achieve viral success. Whether it’s an event activation or advertising campaign, our technology fosters participation and engagement, turning every interaction into a potential social media sensation.

Custom made solutions for interactive age of branded events 

See Our Partner Interactive Party Wow Soccer Fans at #MEXTOUR

The Game Changer was a Primetime Sports' Multiball LED soccer activation, a technology-based fan engagement experience that's unlike anything else in the world of sports. The Multiball LED system uses a giant, LED-lit gaming wall, where fans have a chance to kick a real soccer ball and score against an animated goalie. This integration of digital gaming and physical sport was a first-of-its-kind experience for many fans, who lined up for their turn at the innovative activation.

Customize your event with Our Asset Flip Interface

Easily Transform MultiBall Games

Tailor your event's entertainment effortlessly with our Asset Flip Interface. This powerful tool allows you to customize MultiBall games in real-time to suit your theme or brand. Adjust visuals, sounds, and settings directly through a user-friendly web interface—no specialized skills required. Enhance guest engagement by seamlessly integrating your event’s look and feel into the gaming experience.

Streamlined Setup

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Nos principales fonctionnalités

Jeux de marque

Move beyond traditional advertising with our interactive systems that captivate and engage. MultiBall transforms passive viewers into active participants, creating memorable experiences that resonate. Enhance consumer interaction dynamically, turning every ad into an engaging part of the entertainment.

Create Fully Customized Brand Worlds

Activations interactives qui bougent

Dites adieu aux publicités traditionnelles et bonjour aux expériences interactives ! MultiBall permet aux marques d'intégrer de manière transparente leurs messages dans l'expérience de jeu, offrant ainsi un moyen non intrusif et engageant de se connecter avec les participants. Qu'il s'agisse de bannières de marque, de pop-ups interactifs ou de défis sponsorisés, les publicités interactives captent l'attention et stimulent la mémorisation de la marque.

Elevate Engagement with Customized Games

Game Customization

Améliorez l’impact de votre événement avec des jeux de marque adaptés à votre marque. Utilisez nos outils de personnalisation pour adapter des jeux existants ou notre SDK pour développer des jeux uniques qui répondent aux besoins de votre campagne. Ces expériences sur mesure renforcent la visibilité et l’interaction de la marque, rendant votre présence inoubliable.

Vitrine mondiale : les systèmes MultiBall en action

Explore how our systems enhance events worldwide, from local gatherings to major sports events. This showcase demonstrates our reliability and the global trust in our technology, providing exceptional experiences across all scales.

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Planning an event or searching for a dynamic activation? Connect with our event team for tailored concepts that enhance attendee engagement, lead generation, and sponsor integration.
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