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Découvrez le pouvoir de transformation du jeu actif dans notre dernier court-métrage. Mettant en lumière les problèmes urgents liés à un mode de vie sédentaire, ce film est incontournable pour les acteurs des aires de jeux intérieures, des centres de loisirs familiaux (FEC) et autres lieux de loisirs. Découvrez comment l'intégration de solutions innovantes et physiquement engageantes comme MultiBall peut remodeler le divertissement et la santé dans ces lieux, en inspirant un changement vers des modes d'engagement plus actifs et plus sains.
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Captivate a Diverse Audience

MultiBall's interactive sports wall appeals to visitors of all ages, enhancing your center's attractiveness. Its dynamic games and activities provide universal fun, ensuring that families, friends, and individual visitors find something exciting to do, thus boosting your venue's appeal and customer satisfaction.
Multiple persons are playing Monster match customised with an asset flip for Bits & Pretzels

Simplify Operations

Designed for safety and ease, MultiBall operates with minimal supervision. This feature reduces staffing requirements and operational costs, allowing your team to focus on enhancing guest experiences elsewhere while guests enjoy a safe, self-guided play environment.
More than ten kids in a school are playing the game Monster match on Multiball

Tailor Your Entertainment

MultiBall systems offer extensive customization, allowing you to adapt activities for different themes or seasonal events. Whether it's a spooky Halloween challenge or a festive Christmas game, you can customize the experiences to keep your offerings fresh and exciting.
Girl is playing with soccer balls a customised soccer game

Maximize Your Space

With MultiBall, even limited spaces transform into vibrant activity areas. This efficient utilization of space ensures that every square meter of your facility contributes to guest engagement and entertainment, maximizing your facility’s layout for peak performance.
The Multiball is played by many happy kids in a small space

Invest in Profitable Entertainment

MultiBall isn't just fun; it's a smart investment. With options to charge for play sessions, host events, or run tournaments, you can see a rapid return on investment. The system’s popularity makes it a profitable addition, ensuring it quickly becomes a centerpiece of your revenue strategy. Peatures like our Admin, the Pay 2 Play integration and our APIs also let you integrate your systems into your existing business model easily. 

A happy family is playing in a game hall

Transform Playtime into Profit and Purpose

Empower Active Lifestyles with Play

MultiBall réinvente le divertissement et les sports actifs grâce à une expérience immersive centrée sur le plaisir. Le sport et la technologie combinés à la gamification sont la clé, et nos produits démontrent la puissance du facteur plaisir dans l'équation. Pleins d'un gameplay passionnant et de plusieurs niveaux de difficulté, nos jeux MultiBall conviennent à tout le monde. Les enfants et les adultes n'arrêteront pas de jouer encore et encore.
Multiple kids are engaged to play sports with the Multiball

La solution idéale pour votre centre de loisirs

Installations et clubs de tennis

Académie Rafa Nadal
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Événement principal Lewisville
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Musée des enfants du nord-est du Texas
Logo of our partner Northeast Texas Children's Museum
Kids Quest
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Ratz & Rube
Logo of our partner Ratz & Rübe

Your Journey to Success with MultiBall

Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way

Elevate Your Business with Our Expertise

Our experts are ready to discuss business models and ROI calculations in detail within , ensuring you have a clear roadmap to profitability and success. Benefit from our extensive experience with over 1,500 installations to craft a business strategy that stands out.

Plan with Confidence

MultiBall provides in-depth support during the planning phase, helping you understand and leverage the technology to its fullest. From planning to integration strategies, our technical team ensures a smooth implementation process, empowering you with the knowledge to maximize your investment.
Multiball Pro with the Tennis Training game
Multiball Club with the Darts game
Multiball Mini with the Viking Rush game

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The Cost of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Are we #Generationsitting? 

We spend 75% of our day sitting, up to 10 hours, contributing to a sedentary lifestyle that poses serious health risks. Our impactful film highlights how leisure centers can counter this by using our innovative play technology. By transforming entertainment spaces into active zones, they play a crucial role in promoting healthier lifestyles. Watch and see why your commitment to integrating our systems is essential for encouraging an active, engaging environment.

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