Advanced Technology for Interactive Sports

MultiBall Features

MultiBall system is not just built with top-tier materials for lasting durability; it is also intelligently designed to provide a wealth of features that enhance convenience and add significant value for our clients. From intuitive operational controls to extensive customization capabilities, MultiBall is crafted to seamlessly integrate into any environment, ensuring a superior experience and easy operability. Find out how MultiBall can elevate your space with its robust performance and versatile features.

Intuitive User Menu For Direct Access to our games 

Empower Users with Simple Navigation

MultiBall's intuitive user menu allows players to independently access games, game categories, and settings like volume control, without needing supervision. This easy navigation is crucial for operators, enhancing user experience by granting clients the freedom to explore and engage with the system effortlessly. Designed for simplicity, the menu reduces staff workload and increases client satisfaction by making all features readily accessible.

Ballfinder® Proprietary Operating System:

Precision Engineered for Excellence

At the core of MultiBall is our proprietary operating system, designed to deliver unparalleled precision and reliability to detct every single ball or interaction - always. This system sets MultiBall apart from conventional entertainmnet solutions, as it is not assembled with off-the-shelf software but is instead a purpose-built solution to enhance the performance and stability of our interactive sports wall.

Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Powerful Insights at Your Fingertips

MultiBall’s advanced analytics dashboard in our admin section equips operators with the tools to optimize service delivery and enhance client satisfaction. Utilize comprehensive data from our dashboard to adjust offerings based on usage patterns, refine system settings for optimal client interaction, and make informed business decisions. Designed for precision, the MultiBall analytics dashboard is an indispensable tool for any setting where maximizing performance and understanding clients are key to success.

personnalisations et bien d'autres

Adaptez MultiBall pour répondre à vos besoins uniques

Unlock the full potential of the MultiBall system with our wide range of customization options and technical integrations, designed to cater specifically to your business needs. This section highlights how our interactive sports technology can be adapted through various features, ensuring a perfect fit for different environments and user preferences.
MultiBall offre la possibilité unique de personnaliser les expériences des applications en fonction des préférences et des besoins individuels
Explorez de nouvelles sources de revenus grâce à nos options de jeu payant, idéales pour les centres de divertissement, les installations sportives et les lieux commerciaux.
Libérez votre créativité avec notre kit de développement logiciel, vous permettant de coder et de créer vos propres jeux pour l'expérience MultiBall.
Réalisez une intégration transparente du système grâce à nos API robustes, facilitant une fusion fluide et efficace des technologies nouvelles et existantes.
Enhance your interactive sports system with our custom screensaver feature. Integrate videos for when the system is inactive, creating a unique and engaging backdrop fo your brand.
Offrez une expérience sur mesure à vos clients avec des interfaces qui peuvent être personnalisées pour répondre à des défis et préférences opérationnels uniques.