Jeu personnalisé (SDK)

Libérez votre créativité!

Kit de développement logiciel ouvert (SDK)

Create your own custom game! SDK allows you to deploy your completely new and self programmed games on your MultiBall system with a simple usb stick.

You will require a Unity Game Developer, and a MultiBall system to test on.

The SDK is the very same toolkit we employ to craft our own engaging apps. 
With access to features like ball impacts and player tracking, unleash your creativity and build a diverse range of games. 
Whether you're a seasoned mobile game developer or just starting out, MultiBall's SDK is incredibly user-friendly, ensuring a seamless development experience.

The process is straightforward: express your interest via email, pay a monthly fee for SDK access, and collaborate with your Game Developer to bring your vision to life. That's it—unlock the door to a world of possibilities with MultiBall's SDK.