Advanced Technology for Interactive Sports

MultiBall Features

MultiBall system is not just built for lasting durability; it is also intelligently designed to provide features that enhance convenience and add significant value in daily ooperations. From intuitive operational controls to extensive customization capabilities, MultiBall seamlessly integrates into any environment, ensuring a new experience with easy operability. 

Intuitive User Menu For Direct Access to our games 

Empower Users with Simple Navigation

MultiBall's intuitive user menu allows players to independently access games, game categories, and settings like volume control, without needing supervision. This easy navigation is crucial for operators, enhancing user experience by the freedom to explore and engage with the system effortlessly. Designed for simplicity, the menu reduces staff workload and increases client satisfaction by making all features readily accessible.

Ballfinder® Proprietary Operating System:

Precision Engineered for Excellence

At the core of MultiBall is our proprietary operating system, designed to deliver unparalleled precision and reliability to detct every single ball or interaction - always. This system sets MultiBall apart from conventional entertainmnet solutions, as it is not assembled with off-the-shelf software but is instead a purpose-built solution to enhance the performance and stability of our interactive sports wall.

Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Powerful Insights at Your Fingertips

MultiBall’s advanced analytics dashboard in our admin section equips operators with the tools to optimize service delivery and enhance client satisfaction. Utilize comprehensive data from our dashboard to adjust offerings based on usage patterns, refine system settings for optimal client interaction, and make informed business decisions. Designed for precision, the MultiBall analytics dashboard is an indispensable tool for any setting where maximizing performance and understanding clients are key to success.

Advanced Customization and Integration Capabilities

Tailor MultiBall to Meet Your Unique Needs

Unlock the full potential of the MultiBall system with our wide range of customization options and technical integrations, designed to cater specifically to your business needs. This section highlights how our interactive sports technology can be adapted through various features, ensuring a perfect fit for different environments and operator preferences.
Use our web-based asset flip interface to easily enhance user engagement with interfaces that can be personalized to reflect your brand or meet specific demographic requirements.
Pas uw interactieve MultiBall-wand aan met gepersonaliseerde functies, nu beschikbaar met onze pay-to-play-optie
Ontsluit uw creativiteit met onze softwareontwikkelingskit, waarmee u uw eigen games kunt coderen en maken voor de MultiBall-ervaring
Verbeter uw interactieve muurervaring door gebruik te maken van onze robuuste application programming interface (API), waardoor naadloze integratie en aanpassing van games op maat van uw visie mogelijk wordt
Enhance your interactive sports system with our custom screensaver feature. Integrate videos for when the system is inactive, creating a unique and engaging backdrop fo your brand.
Verbeter de merkidentiteit met onze menulogofunctie, waardoor bedrijven hun logo prominent kunnen weergeven op de interactieve menu-interface aan de muur voor een samenhangende en professionele uitstraling
The Player Queue feature for MultiBall allows you to quickly register and login players in a short amount of time, perfect for any event, sports competition or brand activation. 
The Session Timer schedules start times and durations for each MultiBall session, ideal for hourly rentals to prevent unauthorized use and efficiently manage bookings.
Self-Locking Mode sets the system to display a screensaver video after a session, preventing unauthorized use and ensuring easy and safe control over access.