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Revolutionize Your Soccer Training

The perfect tool to train, retain and attract a new generation of soccer players. MultiBall’s interactive walls blend digital gaming with soccer to attract young players. Ideal for clubs and academies, our technology makes training as captivating as video games, enhancing skills and fitness while supporting grassroots development. Explore how our soccer applications can transform your training, drawing in youth and fostering future talent.

versatility in all settings 

MulitBall Soccer Facilities Around the World 

Toni Kroos Academy
Logo from Multiball Partner: Toni Kroos Academy
Sport Scheck Sportanlage
Logo from Multiball Partner: SportScheck
Thomas Müller vs. Sarah Zadrazil
Logo from Multiball Partner: Thomas Müller
DFB Pokal Finale Berlin
Logo from Multiball Partner: DFB Pokal Finale
DFI German Soccer Boarding School
Logo from Multiball Partner: DFI German Soccer Boarding School

Enhanced Skill Development

Enhance players' reaction times, decision-making, and technical skills using MultiBall's interactive challenges. Designed to simulate real-game scenarios, our system boosts visual recognition and performance under pressure, providing a fun and engaging training environment that effectively sharpens essential soccer skills.
Train your soccer skills with Multiball like Thomas Müller

Data-Driven Performance Analysis

Take advantage of real-time feedback and detailed analytics with our systems. Soccer coaches and players can monitor performance, pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement, and customize training sessions for maximum effectiveness. This precision tracking helps refine techniques and accelerate player development, ensuring every session is utilized to its fullest potential.
Analyse your dribbling skills with Multiball like this soccer player with a soccer ball

Engagement and Motivation

Boost player engagement and motivation with our diverse selection of soccer games and challenges. MultiBall systems make training sessions more dynamic and enjoyable, nurturing a deep passion for soccer while encouraging continuous skill enhancement. This approach not only fosters love for the sport but also drives players' commitment to improving their game

Motivate soccer players with Multiball like those six academy players with the Math Mission game

Inclusive Training Environment

Provide an inclusive soccer training platform with MultiBall systems, designed to engage players of all skill levels. From adaptive games that accommodate beginners to advanced challenges suited for elite athletes, our technology promotes widespread participation and inclusivity, enhancing soccer skills and fostering a love for the game across all demographics.

The two Multiball soccer players show Multiball is made for everyone whether trained or just starting sports

Versatile Training Sessions

MultiBall systems provide versatile training options for soccer coaches, enabling quick adjustments across a variety of drills and scenarios. With an extensive library of interactive soccer drills, coaches can customize sessions to enhance player agility, technique, and tactical understanding, ensuring each practice maximizes player development and team performance.

Two kids use a hockey game with a soccer ball showing the versatility and creative freedom of Multiball

Using Gamification to train a new generation of soccer trainings 

Watch our Training Videos with FK Austria Wien Academy

React Drills with 9-year-olds
Coaching with Air Hockey
Coach Dribbling with our Game Ghosting
Target Practice for training that winning shot 
Coach with our famous Soccer Tic Tac Toe 
Train the fun way with our Invaders game 
Hunt monsters with your goal shots
Coach Dribbling with our Game Ghosting

Training that revolutionizes a sport 

New Business Models for a New Age

Our systems are not only reshaping the landscape of soccer training, they enable entirely new business models that bring the game closer to players in innovative ways. Discover how Fussball Personal Trainer has reimagined soccer training across southern Germany. By integrating engaging, fun, and personalized training sessions with multiple MultiBall walls, they offer a unique approach to 1-on-1 soccer coaching that captivates and develops players like never before.
Personal trainer reshaped soccer training for players and clubs with the Multiball

Changing the way we think about training 

What Coaches Around the World Say

Photo of Sebastian Raß, Managing Director DFI

"This beats a Playstation any time."

"In our soccer boarding school, the social room with our two Playstations used to be the main hangout spot in the evenings. Now they rather train their athletic skills an additional 1-2 hours in our MultiBall room." 
Sebastian Raß, Managing Director DFI
Holding Out Soccer Ball To The Blue Sky

"2500-3500 shots in every session."

"The Grutzi soccer program is one-of-a-kind. My 13 year old son has been coming for about 2 months now and MulitBall has really elevated his game. We estimate he shoots about 2500-3500 shots in every session - far more than normal."
Vinny S. via Google 
Photo of Patrick B. Free - Freestyle Soccer World Champion

"A real gamechanger for soccer"

"MultiBall completely changes how young kids experience their forst training session. In times of online gaming and Youtube this is a must to keep them excited and have them stick to the sport in the long run. "
Patrick B. Free - Freestyle Soccer  World Champion
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Grutzi USA case Study 

Transforming Empty Storage Spaces into Advanced Training Facilities

Watch as our partner Grützi we converts an empty warehouse in the US into a state-of-the-art soccer training center. Equipped with two MultiBall Pro systems, this facility now caters to athletes of all skill levels, offering automated, cutting-edge training solutions that revolutionize the way players train and improve.

More videos how Grutzi offers advanced soccer training

Skill Development on a new Level 

New Business Models for a New Age

Watch how the German Soccer Boarding School (DFI) integrates MultiBall systems into their advanced training routines. This video highlights the dynamic and innovative ways our technology is being used to enhance soccer training, providing a look at the practical application of MultiBall in developing young athletes' skills.
Showing a coach and two players using innovative way to train soccer with MultiBall at DFI

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