MultiBall | Mixed reality sportification platform combing real sports and digital gaming
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Turn any wall into an Interactive Sports Arena

MultiBall is an innovative sports & gaming console built for the interaction between physical activity and digital games.

The challenge for our society nowadays is to make physical activity fun enough to help people, in particular the youngster generation, adapt to a more healthy lifestyle.
Our core vision is to innovate the sports world and to give it the cool-factor it deserves, in order to provide an effective solution.

Sports and Tech combined with Gamification is the key, and our products demonstrate the power of the fun factor in the equation.

Hardware Elements

The MultiBall system can be installed at any wall. It consists of a gaming console, integrated speakers, an impact-proof sensor frame.
All hardware components are designed for maximum durability and 24/7 use, developed, engineered and produced in Germany.


MultiBall has a wide range of games for any skill level for maximum entertainment and a good exercise.
Our games are designed to make the soul and body happy and active by challenging the coordination, mental and physical activity.







MultiBall App

Coming soon.
With the help of the our new app you can easily control the MultiBall system.

Join our Community

 On our Mission to get  our society more active we cooperate with companies and organisations from sport,  tech and health industry.

With MultiBall any wall can be turned into an Interactive Sports Arena within 3 hours.

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