multiBALL Interactive Wall Technology | Fun Interactive Sport Experience
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Active fun for the digital age


multiBALL is an easy to install interactive wall.
Imagine a giant touchpad on the wall to play a variety of games for all ages: from fun games, to educational apps to real sports training, we make sure to get you moving without even realizing it.

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Fun and easy to integrate

What it is

multiBALL is the interactive sports and gaming device that can activate your wall with fun educational games and sporting training modules. It consists of:

Stainless steel touch frame with sensors

  • Processing unit with integrated speakers

Fun to play. Easy to operate

multiBALL features a very simple tablet-like Menu, that is meant to be intuitive and easy to use also for kids without any help.

  • Go to the wall and press any icon with your full hand
  • Choose the gaming or the training app that you want to play
  • Hit the first ball to activate the wall
  • Start having fun!
multiBALL enters in UK with Fired Up Technologies
Kids playing "INVADERS" game with multiBALL

IKEA style setup

multiBALL is easy to install and ready to let the fun start!

  • It can be installed indoors on any wall. The sensor frame can be mounted easily in about two hours – just like hanging a shelf.
  • The system comes in two sizes, one for high ceilings (4.75m by 3.5m) and one for low ceilings (4.75m by 2.4m).
  • A projector is required, but we will help you to find the most suitable solution in your market.
  • The systems runs on a standard power outlet – a permanent internet connection for updates is suggested (CAT), but optional.

Have you got an inquiry?

Have you any question regarding how multiBALL can transform your wall in a gaming pad for a fun and active lifestyle, or do you want to receive a quote? Contact us now!

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We will immediately provide you with all the answers. Thank you!

Girl playing "BLOCKS" game with multiBALL

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