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Upgrade any wall to be an interactive gaming experience.

MultiBall is a smart sports wall and gaming platform for the interaction between physical activity and gaming.


With precision sensors and motion tracking, MultiBall enables a variety of fun games for kids up to complex training modules for many sports.


MultiBall can easily be installed on any wall, enabling schools, gyms, offices and other facilities to offer active gaming.


More than 40 apps offer exciting new ways to be physically active while having fun with our global community of players.

MultiBall Games & Applications

Our games offer a great variety from fun games top to professional training routines fro many sports. Just walk up to the system and select your application by touching the icon and you’re all set for a workout and some fun.

MultiBall Mobile App

MultiBall Software Development Kit (SDK)


Educational Games


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Training Modes

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More videos of all our applications and use cases can be found on our MultiBall Youtube Channel