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Join the Revolution in Active Entertainment with the Inventor of the Interactive Sports Wall
Step into the future of play with MultiBall, where physical sports meet digital innovation. Our MultiBall systems seamlessly integrates with your existing space, projecting interactive games onto any wall. Simple to install, you only need to mount the frame on a white wall, set up a a projector, and you're ready to transform any room into a dynamic sports-gaming zone. 

Suitable for sports venues to educational settings, MultiBall offers diverse games for all ages, enhancing coordination and fitness. Interact with games using real balls and body movements, bringing a healthy twist to digital entertainment.

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Shaping the Future of Play

Discover MultiBall's Vision for Global Interactive Entertainment


Endless Fun, Education and Fitness at Your Fingertips

Explore a universe of entertainment and education with our interactive gaming systems. Our App Store-style platform features a wide array of interactive games, educational applications and trainings, designed to captivate and educate users of all ages. Whether you're searching for high-energy sports challenges, cognitive puzzles, or educational activities, our carefully curated selection offers dynamic interactive experiences for everyone. For unique requirements, we also offer custom game and application development services.
Multiball Pro in the Home Menu showing the huge game selection

Use Cases

Sports Training

We call it sportification. Our technology is already revolutionizing sports facilities worldwide, catering to professional athletes and young enthusiasts alike. Enhance performance, engage participants, and attract new talent with tailor-made interactive training experiences.
Sports Training use case of Multiball played for Tennis Sport Training with three Tennis players

Use Cases


Our interactive systems deliver cutting-edge attractions that captivate audiences and set your venue apart. By introducing new gaming experiences, each event becomes memorable and unique, attracting crowds and fostering repeat visits with standout experiences.
Entertainment use case of Multiball with the game Monster Match being played by 10+ children

Use Cases


Transform traditional educational settings with our blend of active play and interactive learning. These dynamic systems combine physical activities with educational apps, fostering creativity, exploration, and physical fitness in an engaging format. This innovative approach enhances the learning experience by making it both fun and educational, effectively engaging students in a unique way.
Education use case of Multiball with the game Math Mission played by three children with a football to solve Match puzzles

Use Cases

Events and Advertising

Transform events into unforgettable experiences with our interactive LED systems! From captivating brand activations to immersive advertising campaigns, MultiBall offers endless possibilities for engaging audiences. Elevate brand visibility, drive customer engagement, and leave a lasting impression with interactive attractions that captivate all senses. 
Events and Advertising use case of Multiball with the game Darts being played by two adults in the Frankfurt Waldstadion

Explore how our MultiBall systems make sports more engaging and effective through interactive play

Transform Training with Gamification

The Engine Behind an Unforgettable Experiences

Cutting-Edge Technology: 
Powering Interactive Sports

A Revolution in Physical Gaming

Installed on any flat wall, MultiBall is not just an interactive device—it's the frontier of physical gaming and sports technology. Our proprietary system introduces an unprecedented way to play, blending the physical intensity of sports with the precision and excitement of digital gaming.

Technical Innovation That Set Us Apart

At the core of MultiBall’s appeal is our cutting-edge real-time detection technology. This system doesn't just track balls; it captures every nuance of player movement, offering instant feedback that heightens the thrill of every game and exercise. This level of interactivity and precision sets a new benchmark, redefining what is possible in sports and interactive gaming.

Multiball Pro showing the Tennis game to train accuracy
Multiball Club showing the game Darts played between two players
Multiball Mini showing the game Viking Rush played between two players
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Unmatched Reliability and Quality in Every System

Experience German Precision

MultiBall sets the standard in interactive systems with unparalleled precision and speed. Our technology is designed to outperform and outlast, utilizing cutting-edge advancements to deliver a user experience that is both fast and flawless. Each system embodies our commitment to superior quality, offering enhanced accuracy and responsiveness that redefine industry benchmarks. Backed by a robust 5-year warranty, MultiBall systems are not only built to perform - they’re built to last.
Close up shot of the Multiball frame with Infrared Sensors holes of the frame for high accuracy tracking

Maximize Your Return, Minimize Your Investment

Leading Technology, Unbeatable Price

We redefine cost-effective investments in interactive systems for indoor playgrounds, sports facilities, and schools. Our technology leads with precision and responsiveness, offered at prices that set new industry standards. Unlike competitors, our advanced detection capabilities deliver superior performance at an unexpectedly affordable rate. This strategic pricing turns your purchase into a long-term enhancement, boosting engagement and revenue while ensuring durability and reliability.
Close-up shot of the right corner of the Multiball showing the sensors in the frame and the Multiball website name

Reliable Support for Uninterrupted Performance

Our Commitment to Your Success

Experience the reliability and straightforward support of MultiBall's interactive systems. Each unit is internet-connected, allowing you to monitor its status in real-time through our health page. This feature ensures your system operates smoothly, day in and day out. Our support team is easy to reach and ready to help, understanding that your system's performance is crucial for your daily revenue. With quick online assistance and comprehensive service options, we’re here to help you minimize downtime and keep your operations running efficiently.
Multiball console with sensors and showing the Multiball main menu projected on the wall that welcomes the player

our promise to quality

Built to Last

  • 5 years warranty

    Enjoy a half-decade warranty, ensuring your system’s longevity.
  • Made in Germany

    Designed, developed and produced in Germany with industrial grade components. 
  • Money back guarantee

    Return your system if not satisfied—though no one ever has!

Put Yourself in Safe Hands

Commitments You Can Count On

  • Five-Year Warranty

    Enjoy a half-decade warranty, ensuring your system’s longevity.
  • Worldwide Delivery

    Delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.
  • Try First Policy

    Experience MultiBall with a live demo or on-site visit before buying.
  • Money Back Guarantee

    Return your system if not satisfied—though no one ever has!
Explore Our Global Footprint: Our interactive map showcases a selection of MultiBall systems installed worldwide, highlighting the reach and impact of our technology. The map features only those locations that have opted to make their details public, representing a snapshot of our extensive network. 

our mission

Are we #Generationsitting? 

On average, we spend 75% of our day, up to 10 hours, sitting. This pervasive inactivity is not just a habit; it's a health hazard. Our bodies are built for movement, yet modern lifestyles have significantly stifled this natural instinct, leading to profound and detrimental effects on our health. This short film explores the critical consequences of our sedentary behaviors and culminates in a startling, gut-wrenching conclusion that challenges us to rethink our daily routines. Watch and discover why our commitment to revolutionizing physical activity is more crucial now than ever.

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