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Based in Munich and leading since 2016, LYMB.iO GmbH has been pioneering the fusion of digital and physical realms through innovative products like interactiveSQUASH and MultiBall. As the originators of this exciting new category of active entertainment, our vision is clear: to continuously set industry standards and drive innovation. Under the guidance of our founder, Marko Aristides Kern, we champion the integration of technology in sports, enhancing active lifestyles and combating the decline in sports participation. Our commitment to quality and innovation not only positions us as market leaders but also as the architects of a movement that keeps physical activity essential in the digital age.

Revitalizing Movement, Transforming Lives

Empowering Communities Through Active Fun and Engagement

Our mission as a company transcends mere profitability. We are driven by a vision to infuse fun, health, and happiness into everyday lives through dynamic physical activities, stimulating education, and enriching social interactions. Our aim is to transform lives positively, enhancing individual and community well-being. 

Our ultimate goal is clear: to ensure sports remain an enticing and vital aspect of modern life, competing with digital entertainment by being just as thrilling. We believe in the power of active play to address many societal challenges, from physical and mental health to social connectivity. 

Every smile we witness and every life we touch reminds us of our purpose—making sports as engaging as gaming, and ensuring that physical activity continues to be a cornerstone of a vibrant, healthy future.

The Cost of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Are we #Generationsitting? 

On average, we spend 75% of our day, up to 10 hours, sitting. This pervasive inactivity is not just a habit; it's a health hazard. Our bodies are built for movement, yet modern lifestyles have significantly stifled this natural instinct, leading to profound and detrimental effects on our health. This short film explores the critical consequences of our sedentary behaviors and culminates in a startling, gut-wrenching conclusion that challenges us to rethink our daily routines. Watch and discover why our commitment to revolutionizing physical activity is more crucial now than ever.
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Explore Our Global Footprint: Our interactive map showcases a selection of MultiBall systems installed worldwide, highlighting the reach and impact of our technology. The map features only those locations that have opted to make their details public, representing a snapshot of our extensive network. 

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