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MultiBall comes with an ever growing selection of applications updated frequently and automatically. Immerse yourself in a diverse collection of gaming and training applications, ranging from educational tools to specialized professional training sessions. Unleash the full potential of MultiBall – an experience that evolves with you. Try it out and embark on a journey of endless possibilities!

Our mixed reality sports platforms are built for the interaction between physical activity and digital games. We provide real-time audio visual feedback to our players, resulting in tantalizing high scores and global leader boards that let dopamine levels soar. Gaming is consequently an integral part of a real, scalable workout. The range of applications extends from low-threshold entertainment and movement games, to applications that combine knowledge and movement, to highly complex training programs for various ball sports.


Countries Age: 5+

Get your geography on point! If you like discovering new places, this game is going to take you all over the world. Guess which part of the map belongs to the one in question and try to hit it precisely.

Math Mission Age: 6+

Reach foreign planets! In this multiplayer game, you use your knowledge of basic mathematical operations from first to third grade. Additionally, you need of course to aim correctly as well. This challenges both your intellect and your body. Be quicker to reach the Moon, Jupiter, or Uranus before your opponent!

Memory Age: all

Flip those cards! In this game, you need to use all your brain power to match the cards with the same pictures of animals, by aiming at their backside. If you're right, the matching pair disappears. If you match all of them, you move to the next level with even more pairs to match!

Music Age: all

Music, makes the people move around! Here you can play with being a pianist, a drummer or even create your own music track. The possibilities are endless!

Pirate Quiz Age: 5+

Test your knowledge! In this game you can win by simply knowing everything about pirates. If that’s too difficult for you, try to hit as many other objects to reach a new high score!


Air Hockey Age: all

Guide the puck into the goal! This fast game requires quick reactions to score points. Hit the area next to the puck to aim it in the direction of your opponent’s goal. Hit closer to the puck and it is moving faster. Prevent your opponent from scoring.

Alien Hunt Age: all

This game is for all fans of hide and seek. If you spot one alien, throw a ball at it to get it out of its hideaway. If you succeed, before they disappear, you earn points. The countdown doesn’t give you much time to hit a new high score. Find all the aliens, who lure around this moon base. Better hurry up!

Aloisius Age: all

Collect Oktoberfest food! Control Aloisius, the Munich icon, by aiming wherever you want him to fly to. He will collect all the food he passes, while even more drinks and snacks fall from the sky.

Balloon Age: all

Pop all the balloons! Here you try to pop balloons as they come up from the bottom. Aiming at a balloon will pop it, and increase your score. There are various power ups, helping you: 1. The heart balloon lets three other balloons appear, 2. The lightning balloon lets all balloons pop immediately, 3. The Plus balloon lets even more balloons rise from the bottom. Try to pop a new highscore!

Beach Digger Age: all

Collect the hidden coins as fast as you can! In this game, you can play together as a team or alone to find as many coins hidden in the sand as possible. Just run around to find all of them and reach a new highscore!

Block Drop Age: all

Move your body from right to left to determine the position of blocks falling from the top of the screen. By throwing at the different orientations of the falling block, you can select the desired rotation. The goal is to strategically place blocks to fill lines on the board horizontally. If the currently falling block is not placed fully on the board in time, it’s game over!

Blocks   Age: all

Make this ball fall! The aim of each level is to hit the tiles to make the ball get to the bottom. Work your way through the levels and become a master tactician.

Bombs Age: 5+

Clear the bombs! Get a new high score by clearing all bombs before they explode, so you don’t lose one of your three fire extinguishers.

Connect Four Age: all

Connect four or more! The rules and game play are exactly the same as the classic: You can connect four coins horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to win. Simply make sure you are the first one!

Darts Age: 3+

Play darts like never before! Just like the classic darts game, you can aim at the board and hit the desired number for gaining points accordingly. You can choose from a variety of modes: Singleplayer against time or for points. Multiplayer on the same board or on two separate boards, just as you like.

Egg Hunt Age: all

Fill your basket with eggs! This game is for all fans of hide and seek. If you spot one hidden egg, aim at it to get it out of its hideaway. If you succeed, before they disappear, you earn points. The countdown doesn’t give you much time to hit a new high score. Find all the eggs, which are hidden in the park. Better hurry up!

Football for Peace Age: 5+

Save the world from drying out! By targeting the dry puzzle pieces, you can water the earth again. Be quick, because the sooner you solve all the problems, the higher your high score will be.

Ghost Hunt Age: all

Find all the hidden ghosts! It’s Halloween season, and if you spot a ghost, throw a ball at him to get him out of his hideaway. If you succeed before they disappear, you earn points. But beware of not hitting anything else, because that will cost you points. Find all the ghosts that lure around this spooky shelter. Better hurry up!

Hau den Lukas Age: all

Make it to the top! This game is based on the old funfair game from the 19th century. Your goal is to aim successively for the bottom of the tree or the golden bell at the top, to make the puck go all the way up. Each new reached level reveals a new Bavarian dish or beverage. But beware, gravity is strong!

Idol Rush Age: all

Go, get the golden idol! By hitting enough rocks, which fall from the top, you can get to the golden idol. Once the time runs out, the player with the most earned coins wins!

Laser Launch Age: all

Run and hit, and hit, and run! In this game, hit-and-run is something good. Combine both skills of accuracy and stamina to perfection in this challenging interaction of impact- and motion tracking. Your goal is to get through all ten levels with the best score possible. If that’s too much for you, you can quick-jump to level 10. Be quick and precise!

Monster Match Age: all

Match up the monsters! Hit the monsters to score points, match up the same colors to receive bonuses. Build up combos and hit different power-ups to increase your score or get more time.

Motion Defense Age: all

Defend the world! Asteroids, Planets, and all kind of space junk is threatening our Earth. By aiming for it before it gets too close to Earth, you can save humanity and earn points, of course!

Ocean Age: all

Make the fish happy! In this game, your goal is to keep the fish happy and safe from evil other fish. You need to aim for them in order to make them laugh. Additionally, you can have a look for a hidden chest for a surprise!

Pong Age: all

Play the classic! “Pong” is famous for its dynamic gameplay. Your movement is tracked and by moving forwards and backwards you control the bars. Beware of your lives, symbolized by the rectangles behind you. Once the ball, which is moving automatically, goes through, your opponent wins a point. So be quick and try to look ahead!

Trivia                 Age: 5+

Endless trivia! In this game, you can be challenged to test your knowledge between 8 different categories. You spin the wheel for a category and the amount of points you get for each right answer. After 3 questions, your score gets evaluated. The player with the highest score wins!

React Age: all

Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, or Tennis?! In this game, you can pick between four different backgrounds for a game that offers to test your endurance and accuracy at the same time. You need to run to one target and after reaching it, you have to aim for the next target with the ball you picked at the start!

Slots    Age: 16+

Get three in a row, and win big! This game is based on the classic gambling game called “one-armed bandit”. Instead of burning through your wallet, you burn some calories while trying to match as many identical symbols as you can to reach a new high score!

Splash Age: all

Become an artist! This game is challenging your creativity. You aim for the system and make splashes of color appear everywhere you hit!

Invaders Age: 6+

Save your city from the invaders! This game is a classic, but with a sporty twist. Don’t let the invaders destroy the buildings, build up devastating counter-attacks with rallies and break the high score!

Tic Tac Toe Age: all

X’s and O’s! Close to the original game, being played with pen and paper, we bring “Tic Tac Toe” to the next level. Basically you need to get three of your symbols in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally by hitting positions on the grid. Being able to be played in a dynamic version, this game adds more movement and challenge to the original play. Try your luck and defeat your opponents!

Viking Rush Age: all

Get the Viking trophy! It’s winter season, and you find yourself in a frozen Viking cave. Get yourself through all the falling items to finally be able to reach for the trophy. Each destroyed item earns you points. If you succeed, before the time runs out, you’ll be rewarded with even more points!

Winter Match Age: all

Match up these winter symbols! Hit the symbols to score points, match up the same symbols to receive bonuses. Build up combos and hit presents to add to your score and make Santa proud!


Badminton Age: all

Run as fast as you can and make beautiful serves! This is a perfect training for your stamina. You can select between different options and modes to adapt your stamina training to your needs. In the last mode “Serve” you will combine your running skills with making badminton serves over the net. If you just keep running and hitting the target, you will reach a new high score!

Quick Feet  Age: all

Endurance is key! This app gives you the possibility to train your endurance endlessly. Just reach the little circles in time to get points and additional time, but beware of the little traps we built in, they’re tricky. You will also need your brain!

Goal      Age: all

Get your kicking on point! Turn your space into a football field. Aim for the blue areas in the goal to score a point. Select between multiple difficulty levels and goalie options to match your preferences. Become the best scorer in the world!

Soccer Training Age: 6+

Be a scorer or a goalie! Decide between three different modes and a huge variety of options to make this training, to your training! You can select between dribbling, scoring and goal keeping!

Targets                      Age: all

Precision is key! Practice your accuracy and speed hitting with this training. Hit the colored targets when they appear on the screen to score. Before a session, select the target size that matches your difficulty preference, your desired game mode and the time limit!

Rackets  Age: all

Become a tennis pro! This training is designed to challenge your combination of accuracy, speed, and reflexes. As soon as you hit a target, it switches to a new location. Try to be ready after each hit to keep your hit/miss relation balanced, and we’ll see each other at Wimbledon!

Tennis                      Age: all

Tennis Training 2.0! This is Tennis like you never experienced it before. Try to be ready and on the lookout after each hit to keep your hit/miss relation balanced, and we’ll see each other at Wimbledon in the future!