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MultiBall comes with a growing selection of applications updated frequently and automatically. Immerse yourself in a diverse collection of gaming and training applications, ranging from educational tools to specialized professional training sessions. 

Our mixed reality sports platform is built for the interaction between physical activity and digital games. We provide real-time audio visual feedback to our players, resulting in high scores and global leaderboards that let dopamine levels soar. Gaming is consequently an integral part of a real, scalable workout. The range of applications extends from low-threshold entertainment and movement games, to applications that combine knowledge and movement, to highly complex training programs for various ball sports.


Countries Age: 5+

Explore the world with our dynamic, wall-mounted map game. Players are challenged to accurately guess and hit specific regions corresponding to the highlighted country. This interactive format enriches geographical knowledge while enhancing precision and quick thinking, offering both an educational and physical gaming experience.
Cover Image of the MultiBall game Dino Quiz

Dino Quiz Age: 5+

Test your knowledge! In this educational application you can win with your knowledge about ancient times. If that’s too difficult for you, try to hit as many objects hidden underneath the earth to reach a new high score!

Math Mission Age: 6+

Dive into our interactive game that blends math and physical activity. Players solve first to third grade math problems and aim to answer correctly on a dynamic wall-mounted interface. This engaging setup tests both intellect and coordination, challenging participants to reach celestial destinations like the Moon, Jupiter, or Uranus before their opponents.

Memory Age: all

Test your memory and aim with our interactive game that challenges you to match animal pictures on a dynamic wall-mounted display. Aim at the backs of cards to reveal pairs; correct matches disappear, advancing you to higher levels with more pairs to find. This engaging setup sharpens both cognitive skills and physical coordination as you progress through increasingly challenging stages.

Music Age: all

“Music Makes the People” transforms players into musicians on a dynamic, wall-mounted interface. Whether you want to strike chords like a pianist, beat rhythms like a drummer, or compose your own music tracks, this game offers endless creative possibilities. Dive into this immersive experience that blends physical movement with musical innovation, appealing to aspiring musicians and enthusiasts alike.

Pirate Quiz Age: 5+

Explore pirate trivia with our Pirate Quiz game, where hitting targets and answering questions correctly increases your score. Each precise hit and correct response on the dynamic wall-mounted display enhances your points, blending knowledge with physical skill for an engaging challenge.
Cover image of the MultiBall game Word Jungle which is a variation of the memory game made for learning languages

Word Jungle Age: 6+

Test your language skills! In this educational application, you can match pictures with words. In this version it’s all about the jungle and its animals. Have fun discovering what a lemur and other animals looks like


Badminton Age: all

Enhance your stamina with our tailored Badminton Training game. Select from various options and modes to customize your workout to your fitness goals. The final mode, "Serve," integrates running with badminton serves, challenging you to hit targets while maintaining speed. Continuous movement and accuracy in serving will help you achieve new high scores, effectively combining physical endurance with skillful precision.

Quick Feet  Age: all

Quick Feet is designed to boost your endurance through continuous movement. Navigate to lit circles on a dynamic, wall-mounted interface to gain points and extra time. Stay alert for cleverly integrated traps that add a layer of challenge to the training, testing both your speed and agility as you progress.

Goal      Age: all

Transform your space into a virtual football field with Goal. Aim for the blue areas in the goal to earn points. Customize your experience by selecting from multiple difficulty levels and goalie options, tailoring the challenge to your skills. This game not only tests your precision but also encourages you to master your scoring abilities.

Soccer    Age: 6+

Soccer Training offers a customizable experience, allowing you to tailor your session to focus on dribbling, scoring, or goalkeeping. Choose from three different modes and a variety of options to perfect your skills. Whether maneuvering the ball, striking accurate shots, or defending the net, this game adapts to enhance your soccer abilities through active, engaging practice.

Targets                      Age: all

Targets sharpens your accuracy and speed with a focus on precision hitting. Engage by striking colored targets as they appear on a dynamic display. Customize your challenge before each session by selecting target size, game mode, and time limit to suit your skill level. This interactive training not only enhances your targeting skills but also tests your quick reflexes under varying difficulties.

Rackets  Age: all

Rackets is designed to improve your accuracy, speed, and reflexes across all racket sports. Each time you hit a target, it moves to a new location, requiring you to quickly adjust and prepare for the next shot. This continuous challenge keeps you engaged, aiming to maintain a balanced hit/miss ratio as you improve your tennis skills.

Tennis                      Age: all

Experience Tennis in a whole new way. This dynamic game challenges you to stay alert and responsive after each hit, maintaining a balanced hit/miss ratio. Through engaging and continuous play, enhance your tennis skills and reflexes in a unique, interactive setting.


Air Hockey Age: all

Air Hockey is all about speed and precision. Strike the area next to the puck to direct it toward your opponent’s goal—the closer your hit, the faster it moves. This fast-paced game challenges you to score while simultaneously defending your goal, requiring quick reactions and strategic planning to outmaneuver your opponent.

Alien Hunt Age: all

Alien Hunt combines the thrill of hide and seek with fast-paced action. Spot aliens lurking around a moon base and throw a ball to coax them out of hiding. Successfully hitting an alien before it disappears scores you points. With a challenging countdown, each session pushes you to quickly accumulate points and set new high scores.

Aloisius Age: all

In Aloisius, control the beloved Munich icon by directing his flight with precise aiming. Navigate Aloisius through the skies to collect falling snacks and drinks. The more items he gathers, the higher your score. This engaging game combines skillful aiming with charming gameplay.

Balloon Age: all

Balloon invites players to test their aiming skills by popping balloons as they rise from the bottom of the screen. Each successful hit not only increases your score but may also trigger powerful bonuses. Power-ups include the heart balloon, which spawns additional balloons; the lightning balloon, which pops all balloons on the screen; and the Plus balloon, which increases the number of rising balloons.

Block Drop Age: all

Block Drop challenges players to strategically maneuver and place falling blocks by moving from side to side. Influence the rotation of each block by accurately throwing at its different orientations as it descends. The objective is to fill horizontal lines on the board to clear them, enhancing both strategic thinking and physical agility. Be quick and precise—failing to fully place a block before it lands results in game over, making each session a test of speed and accuracy.

Blocks   Age: all

Blocks engages players in a strategic challenge to clear the path for a ball to reach the bottom of the screen. Aim and hit the tiles precisely to manipulate the ball's trajectory through various levels. Progress through the game to refine your tactical skills and precision, aiming to master each level as the complexity increases.

Bombs Age: 5+

In Bombs, strive for a new high score by quickly clearing all bombs before they explode. Aim accurately and act swiftly to deactivate each bomb, preserving your limited supply of three fire extinguishers. Each successful disarmament keeps you in the game longer, enhancing your reflexes and precision under pressure.

Connect Four Age: all

Connect Four brings the classic tabletop game to a dynamic new format. Players aim to strategically align four coins horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to secure a victory. This familiar yet engaging game tests your strategic thinking and precision, challenging you to outmaneuver your opponent in a race to connect four.

Darts Age: 3+

Darts transports the classic pub game into an interactive format. Aim at the board and strike the desired numbers to accumulate points. Choose your mode of play—whether it's singleplayer against the clock, for points, or multiplayer on the same or separate boards. This versatile game offers various ways to challenge your precision and compete with friends, making each match a new opportunity for fun and skillful play.

Egg Hunt Age: all

Egg Hunt is a lively twist on hide and seek, inviting players to locate and aim at hidden eggs in a virtual park setting. Each successfully spotted and targeted egg scores points before they vanish. With a challenging countdown in place, speed and accuracy are key to achieving high scores. This game provides a fun and engaging way to sharpen your observational skills and quick reflexes.

Ghost Hunt Age: all

Ghost Hunt immerses players in a thrilling Halloween adventure. Spot ghosts lurking in a spooky shelter and throw a ball to coax them out of hiding. Successfully hitting a ghost before it vanishes scores points, but be careful—striking anything else results in a penalty. Challenge yourself to find and hit all the ghosts, enhancing your precision and reaction speed in this eerie, engaging game.

Hau den Lukas Age: all

Hau den Lukas revives a beloved 19th-century funfair game with a Bavarian flavor. Your objective is to aim and strike successively at the bottom of a tree or the golden bell at the top, propelling a puck upward through the levels. Each new level reached reveals a traditional Bavarian dish or beverage, enriching the experience.
Cover of the game Hungry Snail that combines motion tracking with impact tracking

Hungry Snail  Age: all

Feed the snail! This game application combines motion tracking with impact tracking. You not only have to hit the system to spawn food for your snail, you also have to run to it to actually feed your snail. Think of a free motion tamagotchi and try playing it with a friend!

Idol Rush Age: all

Idol Rush challenges players to strike falling rocks to uncover treasures. Each successful hit brings you closer to the golden idol, with the aim to collect as many coins as possible before time expires. The player with the most coins at the end of the session claims victory. This game tests your timing and accuracy, making each round a thrilling race to unearth hidden riches.

Laser Launch Age: all

Laser Launch merges the thrill of hit-and-run gameplay with the demands of precision and endurance. Utilizing a sophisticated system of impact and motion tracking, players must demonstrate accurate targeting and sustained agility to navigate through ten levels. Aim to achieve the highest score possible, or take a shortcut directly to the intense challenge of level 10.

Monster Match Age: all

Monster Match enhances your quick reflexes and strategic planning. Aim and hit monsters to score points, focusing on matching the same colors for bonus points. Build up combos and target power-ups to boost your score or extend your playing time. This vibrant game challenges players to think fast and aim accurately, offering a lively and engaging way to test your coordination and timing.

Motion Defense Age: all

Aim and intercept asteroids, planets, and space junk before they get too close to our planet. Successfully defending Earth not only saves humanity but also earns you points. This game combines quick reflexes with strategic targeting, offering an engaging and heroic challenge as you fend off the cosmic threats.

Ocean Age: all

In Ocean, your mission is to keep the fish joyful and protected from their menacing counterparts. Aim accurately to tickle the fish into laughter, fostering a happy aquatic environment. Keep an eye out for a hidden treasure chest that offers unexpected surprises. This game blends precision aiming with a whimsical underwater adventure, providing an enjoyable and protective role as you safeguard the sea's cheerful inhabitants.

Pong Age: all

Pong delivers dynamic gameplay where your movements control the game. By moving forwards and backwards, you manipulate the bars on the screen to deflect an automatically moving ball. Keep an eye on the lives indicated by rectangles behind you—if the ball passes through, your opponent scores a point. This classic game tests your reflexes and spatial awareness, providing a lively and competitive experience.

Trivia                 Age: 5+

Trivia challenges you to test your knowledge across eight diverse categories. Spin the wheel to select your category and determine the points for each correct answer. After answering three questions, your score is evaluated. The player with the highest total after these rounds emerges as the winner. This interactive game enhances your knowledge and competitive spirit, offering a fun and educational experience for all players.

React Age: all

React offers a versatile sports simulation where you can choose from basketball, hockey, soccer, or tennis backgrounds to test both your endurance and accuracy. Start by running to a target, then immediately aim and strike the next target with a ball. This game seamlessly combines rapid movement with precise targeting, challenging you to maintain speed and accuracy across consecutive actions.

Slots    Age: all

Slots reinvents the classic "one-armed bandit" gambling game into an active and engaging experience. Instead of wagering money, you'll burn calories as you aim to match identical symbols on the screen. Strive for a new high score by aligning as many matching icons as possible. This game offers a fun way to combine physical activity with the excitement of slot machine gameplay, providing a rewarding challenge without the financial risk.

Splash Age: all

Splash is a vivid and creative game that challenges you to make your mark with color. Aim at the system, and wherever you hit, vibrant splashes of color will appear. This visually engaging game not only tests your accuracy but also allows you to express your artistic flair, transforming each session into a dynamic and colorful masterpiece.

Invaders Age: 6+

Invaders combines classic gameplay with a sporty twist. Protect your buildings by preventing the invaders from destroying them. Build strong counterattacks through well-timed rallies to crack the high score. Combining strategic defense with active engagement, this game challenges you to defend and attack simultaneously for a dynamic gameplay experience.

Tic Tac Toe Age: all

Our interactive “Tic Tac Toe” elevates the classic pen-and-paper game onto a dynamic, wall-mounted grid. Players engage by hitting specific positions to align three of their symbols horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. This lively version not only tests your strategy and accuracy but also enhances physical activity, making each match both a mental and physical challenge.

Viking Rush Age: all

Viking Rush sets you in a frozen Viking cave. Navigate through falling items to reach for the trophy, earning points for each item you destroy. Act quickly to clear your path before time runs out, and earn additional points for completing the challenge swiftly. This game tests your agility and precision in a thrilling, icy setting.

Winter Match Age: all

In Winter Match, strike symbols to score points and align identical symbols for bonuses. Build combos and target presents to boost your score and impress Santa. This festive game combines quick reflexes with strategic thinking, offering a lively challenge in a holiday-themed setting.