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A New Generation Of Tennis Training

Experience the future of tennis with MultiBall, where every wall becomes a high-tech court. Our interactive sports and gaming system is changing the game for tennis centers, offering an attractive way to engage players, enhance skills, and bring a digital edge to the game

Our Key Features

Dynamic Skill Improvement

MultiBall's engaging challenges simulate real-life game scenarios and offer a comprehensive training experience beyond the net. Through drills and games, players can improve their precision, agility and reaction time. "
Three Tennis player train their skills with the Tennis Training game on the Multiball

Our Key Features

Real-Time Feedback for Peak Tennis Performance

Take advantage of instant analysis and performance tracking. MultiBall gives tennis coaches and players access to valuable data that enables personalized training adjustments and continuous improvement strategies.
Three Tennis collect balls and check accuracy results after training their skills with the Tennis Training game on the Multiball

Our Key Features

Boost Engagement and Retention

Keep your tennis players coming back for more with exciting, game-like training sessions. MultiBall turns routine training into exciting challenges, increases motivation and fosters a passionate tennis community."
Two players get engaged at an Tennis event with the game Darts on the Multiball

Our Key Features

Inclusivity on the Court

Open up the world of tennis to more players with customizable difficulty levels and accessible games. MultiBall ensures that players of all ages and skill levels can find their place on the court, from young beginners to seasoned competitors.
A casual player gets into Tennis with the Darts game on the Multiball

Our Key Features

Versatile Training Options

Adapt and evolve tennis training sessions with ease. MultiBall offers a variety of games and settings to focus on specific tennis skills, from serving accuracy to volley speed, making every practice as effective as it is engaging.
Two kids train their skills with the Tennis Training game on the Multiball

Creating a new generation of tennis athletes uing Gamification 

See Davis Cup Team Captain Patrik Kühnen Explain MultiBall 

The Perfect Fit for your Location

Tennis Facilities & Clubs

Rafa Nadal Academy
Logo of Rafael Nadal Academy using Multiball
Lawn Tennis Club Elmshorn
Logo of Lawn-Tennis-Club Elmshorn E.V. using Multiball
TowPath Tennis Center
Logo of Towpath Tennis using Multiball
AmperPark Tennis & Sportschule
Logo of Amperpark Tennis- und Sportschule using Multiball

Explore how our MultiBall systems make sports more engaging and effective through interactive play

Transform Tennis Training with Gamification

our promise to quality

Built to Last

  • 5 years warranty

    Our systems are designed to take a beating and withstand  24/7 use.
  • Made in Germany

    Designed, developed and produced in Germany with industrial grade components. 
  • Money back guarantee

    You are always entitled to return your system if it does not meet your needs. 

Adressing the challenges of tennis participation in a digital age 

Watch our In-Depth Interview Sbout the Future of Tennis (German)

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Updating the Tennis Coaching Experience to the 21st Century 

Using Gamification for Advanced Tennis Training 

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