Personalize games effortlessly

Tailor Your Experience with 
our Asset Flip Interface

Elevate your interactive gaming experience with our Asset Flip Interface, accessible directly from any browser. Without requiring specialized skills or extensive technical knowledge, you can effortlessly customize your games. Instantly update graphics, sounds, and animations to mirror your brand, and preview changes in real-time on your system. This powerful tool transforms each game into a tailored engagement that reflects your unique branding and enhances the user experience.

Transform game visuals to reflect your unique style

Customize with Confidence:
Personalized Imagery

Dive into the creative process with the ability to tailor game visuals directly to your brand's aesthetic. Our interface allows you to replace default images and animations with your personalized imagery, ensuring every aspect of the game visually resonates with your players. This feature is ideal for creating an immersive experience that stands out, making your setup more than just a game—it's a reflection of your brand's identity.

Design your own interactive experience 

See Our Clients Around the World Customize MultiBall

Rafael Nadal Museum 
Interwetten Activation
German Federal Council 

Infuse your games with your corporate identity

Seamless Brand Integration

Our Asset Flip Interface facilitates a deep integration of your brand elements into the gaming experience. From logos to specific color palettes, every game can become a powerful tool for brand reinforcement. Consistently present your brand across all touchpoints within the game, enhancing brand recall and strengthening customer engagement through interactive play.

Customize game dynamics to suit your needs

Adaptive Game Settings for Every Event

Tailor the gaming experience to perfectly fit the event atmosphere with flexible settings. Adjust game lengths, difficulty levels, and round durations to optimize player flow and maximize engagement. Whether hosting a quick pop-up event or a day-long tournament, configure your settings to keep the excitement high and the gameplay smooth, ensuring guests leave with a memorable experience of dynamic and responsive play

Customize Your MultiBall Experience

Get Started with Asset Flips

Ready to transform your MultiBall games to align with your brand? Log in to the Admin backend to access our Asset Flip Interface. Easily customize graphics, sounds, and animations to engage your audience and reflect your brand identity. Start personalizing your games today and create an unforgettable experience for your players

Risk-free investment and exclusive benefits

Commitments You Can Count On

  • Five-Year Warranty

    Enjoy a half-decade warranty, ensuring your system’s longevity.
  • Worldwide Delivery

    Delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.
  • Dedicated Support

    Personalized guidance from purchase through installation
  • Try First Policy

    Experience MultiBall with a live demo or on-site visit before buying.
  • Money Back Guarantee

    Return your system if not satisfied—though no one ever has!

customize your hardware to match your LOOk

Choose from a variety of colours

In addition to offering the most customizable games and applications, we provide customization options for our hardware products as well. Our renowned stainless steel frames can be powder coated in any color to match your brand's specifications.