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50+ Games and Sport Apps


Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a competitive game for two players. Practice your precision and guide the puck into your opponents’ goal. Hit your shots closer to the puck and they are more powerful.

Alien Hunt

Have fun searching aliens while burning calories!


Aloisius will test your agility and tactical planning skills as all kinds of Bavarian food rains from the sky. You control Aloisius, the Munich train conductor enjoying the traditionally Bavarian afterlife.


Balloon is a relaxing game where you try and pop balloons as they come up from the bottom of the screen. Throwing a ball at a balloon will pop it, while throwing a ball nearby a balloon with gently push it away.

Beach Digger

Beach Digger is a game where you practice social distancing alongside with having fun and teamwork. Don’t get too close to your fellow player and try to find all coins as fast as you can.

Block Squash

The aim of each level is to hit the tiles to make the ball get to the bottom. Work your way through the levels and become a Block Squash tactician.


If you are not fast enough, the bombs will explode and you will loose your lives.

Connect Four

Play a classic game while staying fit. Connect 4 or more tokens in a row while keeping your opponent from doing the same to win.


If you don’t like reading, this game it’s going to take you all over the world without coming out of your place.


Build up exciting rallies and get your score down. Like darts, you must hit your required number to get the victory.


Run from target to target as fast as you can, training your reflexes while having fun. Ghosting trains both your mind and body, as you race to the correctly colored target for points.


Shoot into the green area to score a goal. Select between multiple difficulty levels and goalie options to match your preferences.

Hau den Lukas

If you’ve never heard about the bavarians and their culture, this game will show you all you need to know about them and their crazy love for the beer and tasty foods!

Idol Rush

This is a 1 vs. 1 Game. Challenge your opponent in collecting as many doubloons as you can. Collect more doubloons by hitting streaks of the same color and bring the prize to the floor first to win.


Squash invaders is an old-school arcade game with a sporty twist. Don’t let the invaders destroy the buildings, build up devastating counterattacks with rallies.

Laser Launch

Laser Launch is a challenging game of skill, requiring quick reflexes and precise aim. Complete as many levels as you can, completing targets as fast as you can for the most points. Get the highest score you can while challenging your skills!

Math Mission

Get ready for some fun with math! What? How that? Math Mission challenges your math and sports skills at the same time.


In this classic brain game you will need to match pairs together by throwing balls at a wall of squares. Complete as many pairs as you can within the time limit!

Monster Match

Hit the monsters to score points, match up different colours to receive bonuses. Build up combos and hit presents to add to your tally.


Play the piano, drums, or sequencer and create your own music tracks on our interactive wall.


Tickle the good fish, scare away the bad fish. Treasure chests unlock exciting bonuses and make whacky sounds for an exciting gameplay experience.


Oldie but goldie. We’re bringing one of the oldest video game classics to the digital age. We all remember the tablet-tennis game Pong on our old computer.

Quiz Game

Ready to test your brain while staying active? Quiz presents a classic quiz game format while requiring careful aim and quick reflexes to win. Answer over a hundred questions across six different categories!


Train your reflexes and accuracy in this fun game that challenges you to get your game on! Move as fast as you can and throw balls at targets to earn points. The closer you are to the center of the target, the more points you earn.


Slots brings the casino experience to the Squash court. Instead of burning through your wallet, burn some calories while trying to match as many identical symbols as you can.


Splash is a simple yet fun game for people of all ages. Each hit makes a splash of colour, resulting in colourful montages.

Target Practice

Hit the targets when they appear on the screen to score a point. Before a session, choose the target size that matches your difficulty preference, your desired game mode and the time limit.


This game challenges your precision and trains footwork as well as anticipation. Aim at the red disc above the tennis net. After each hit, the target changes its position.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a game for the competitive type. Hit the targets in the grid to fill them with either blue or orange. Beat your opponent by connecting the squares. Tic Tac Toe has never been more active and more fun!