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Engage with Your Customer

Build a momentum for your clients and create a unique customer experience

In today’s digital and “always-on” world, customers expect retailers to anticipated and meet their needs in real time. Activation events allow brands to create the experiences necessary to win the right audience, bring traffic in-store, and introduce new merchandise. These events draw customers out of their homes and therefore cannot be replicated online. The resulting in-store traffic is amplified by participants sharing their experiences online and laying down enticing optics for future in-store customers.

How can MultiBall help to drive more traffic in your shop?

Brand-activation events (sometimes called experiential marketing) have been used by large brands and scrappy startups to attract users and to get attention on social networks. While still a relatively new marketing channel, events can be extremely effective at delivering both in-store traffic and online accolades.

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Customised Games

Provide your clients with a unique playful shopping experience and interact with your brand and products. We design your own customized games with brand visuals and products according to your Corporate Design.

Content Creation

People love to play and they will spend time doing it in your retail space. Once somebody started to play, the crowd will grow and attract more and more people. A full house in your store looks good on your online platforms.

Sales Promotion

MultiBall is an eye-catcher that helps you to draw attention. Sample voucher and ask your customers for newsletter sign-ups or generate awareness to promote your newest products and get them to interact with.

Watch these videos to see how easy it is to engage with your clients.

Our recommended solutions

MultiBall Pro

489 x 335 x 14 cm
192 x 132 x 5.5 in

MultiBall LED Outdoor

409 x 295 x 122 cm
161 x 116 x 48 in

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Built to Last

Developed, produced and built in Germany with highest industry standards. We offer a 5 years warranty on our hardware components.