Interactive Soccer Training

Smart. Digital. Individual.

Integrate MultiBall into the daily training routine. Using gamification, visual effects and real-time feedback MultiBall increases the training stimulus and produces measurable results for analytics.

Benefits for Physical Abilities

To reach your full potential and achieve success MultiBall tests and trains players on reaction-time, field-awareness, precision and it all comes in the form of controlling the ball and making the right pass with perfect timing.

  • Fast reaction and first touch
  • Improved off-ball movement
  • Better and more accurate passing
  • Improved positioning and communication
  • Combination Cardio and Technical Training

Benefits for Cognitive Abilities

Training sessions are designed to stress and challenge the athlete’s brain, developing skills such as situational awareness, working memory, task switching, peripheral attention, and ultimately, decision making under pressure.

  • Improved decision-making under pressure
  • Sharpened focus and improved situational awareness
  • Increased anticipation and faster reaction time
  • Better divided attention and working memory
  • Educational content

Monetize your MultiBall

Rent out your MultiBall, activate your sponsoring partner and create events.

Become a Sports Innovator

Standout from other clubs and academies and attract new players and talents.

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multiball Interactive Sports Wall mobile app

MultiBall Mobile App

Join a Global Movement of Players and Athletes

Using the MultiBall app, coaches and players can constantly track their training progress, view personal results, and compete with other players in global rankings.

Built to Last

Designed, developed and produced in Germany with highest industry standards. We offer a 5 years warranty on our hardware components.