MultiBall | Tennis Training for kids and beginner
MultiBall is an interactive tennis training tool. The system enables coaches and instructors to create effective tennis lessons for their students. Especially the question "How do you teach a child to play tennis?" can be answered easily. Kids love to play - the combination of fun games and advanced training modules will motivate children and keep them busy playing tennis.
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What’s the hardest thing when teaching Tennis Training? 

Making them want to learn!! 

For this reason, MultiBall simplifies that conscious decision when learning tennis. On our system, the student is no longer being “mechanical”, but more fluid with their movements since the gamification of our technology acts as a distraction, funneling the student focus on the game and not their stroke. I remember as a coach, teaching tennis to kids and beginners to let go and explore that fluidity was the hardest task! With time, the students develop skills that prepare them for the real…. big tennis court. However, this is just one aspect of MultiBall.

What MultiBall can offer your Club

Activations: This is an incredible tech experience which will make your club stand out compared to all others.

Viewership: It’s intriguing characteristics will attract the surrounding increasing traffic inside the club and will create a FUN & Retained audience.

Promotional: Use MultiBall as a Promotional tool for Tournaments, Birthday Parties, Big Announcements, Club Updates/ Sponsors/ Newsletter/ Product Launches, Charity events, Conferences etc.

Support: Allow coaches to use the tool to their benefit. Easy to integrate into their training programs and can therefore increase student size & engagement.

New Markets: Feel free to use this tool to specifically target any market you desire. For example, families is a great one because the parents can remain physically active and share this experience with their children in a fun interactive way.

Player Option: Difficulty can be changed depending on the users preference. The system is therefore easily adaptable to all age groups and experience levels.

Interactive Tennis Training for kids and beginners

The variety of games and training modules will keep your tennis players and coaches busy and motivated. Everybody loves to play. The challenging aspect of the MultiBall Gameplay in combination with instant visual feedback provides an exciting sports experience.

Improve your tennis accuracy

The system allows all level players to train their accuracy from a wide selection of games, most specific to aim.


With a smart wall and our high-end sensors, the exact position of the ball can be detected.This helps the student and coach calculate the exact distance from the target in order to recalibrate a player’s accuracy and record improvements with our statistical feedback.

Tennis Player improving accuracy on MultiBall

Fast-pace Cardiovascular Fitness

The fast pace and quick return of the ball allows for quick and slow muscles movements and reactions.


MultiBall comes with many exercise games which requires fast reactions in a high frequency to keep you moving. This high intensity sport and full body exercises raise the heart rate in ways that are harder to achieve through usual tennis training sessions.

Tennis Player training cardio fitness on MultiBall

Train your Hand-eye Coordination

MB’s fast-pace variable trains the body’s ability to complete actions with correct timing and precision.


The system will challenge a player to read the incoming shots which are determined by understanding the physics of the previous shot while also positioning themselves to strike the next shot with power.Lot’s of things to consider, but with lots of positive results!

Tennis Player training hand-eye-coordination on MultiBall

Balanced Program

Both MultiBall and tennis improve the result of your muscles and brain working together; generating your balance.


Moreover, tennis can sometimes become very repetitive and exhausting due to being a constant one dimensional training platform. Thus, the MultiBall offers a powerful sense of gaming which changes the environment and opponent a person is training with. This extensive diversity is a strong differentiator to most training programs.

Mental Training

Tennis can be mentally challenging and complicated when emotions rush after every hit, every point, every set.


The MultiBall games give a feeling of joy and relaxation, therefore being a great complement to tennis. However, to beat the game you still will always need a strategy, challenging the player unconsciously as they need to evaluate their game plan and even sometimes, their opponent on Multiplayer games.

Watch this video to see our MultiBall in action at BMW World.

MultiBall Trainings App

Help your players and coaches to keep track on the progress and high motivation.

Hi, my name is Quentin. As a passionate tennis player and coach I understand the difficulty in motivating students to put theory into practice and keep them focused on skill development. I am happy to share my experience and to show the benefits of MultiBall for tennis coaching and your business.

Tennis Training at Home

You might have asked yourself many times how to practice tennis at home. You are looking for easy and fun tennis workouts to improve your skills? Well, then you should have a look at our MultiBall Home. This smaller version of our system was designed to fit in every home, in your garage, hobby room or private gym.

5 Years Warranty

Developed, produced and built in Germany with highest industry standards. We offer a 5 years warranty on our hardware components.