MultiBall Product Overview

MultiBall Mini

329 x 235 x 14 cm

MultiBall Club

409 x 285 x 14 cm

MultiBall Pro

489 x 335 x 14 cm

MultiBall LED

409 x 295 x 122 cm

MultiBall Games & Applications

multiball Interactive Sports Wall mobile app

MultiBall Mobile App

Join a Global Movement of Players and Athletes

Our Mobile App LYMB.iO gives you access to an innovative mixed reality experience and worldwide community of active players.

The app helps to locate MultiBall facilities open to the public around you, start sessions, select games, track your personal results and compete with other players in global rankings. See you in the leaderboards!

MultiBall Software Development Kit (SDK)

We are best known for our disruptive technology which transforms any squash court into an immersive and digital experience that can be used for a variety of applications, from hunting monsters to sophisticated training programs used by world ranking players.

Also with the recent launch of our MultiBall product, we made this new experience available to a multitude of other locations like schools, hotels, gyms and even retail outlets.

Our systems are based on an App-store like selection of different applications ranging from fun games for kids to complex applications developed with trainers and universities. With the latest announcement to open these platforms to the global development community, the growing number of installed systems can now also be used by anybody to create their own applications.

3 images of multiball Interactive Sports Wall software development kit on monitor